The Power Within By The Spirit

Christ dwells in the heart by faith to strengthen the soul. He does this in order that the aroma of His life, and the power of His person, should be known on this earth. That strengthening is also a witness to the world that He is God, and that He has come to men, not only to save them, but to reveal to them His blessed life, His goodness being revealed through them, and seen in their works.

The Patience And Longsuffering Of God

The Almighty God reveals His patience and longsuffering in that He, being everlasting Love, does not desire that any should perish. He has done all in Christ to save all men, however, those men are sinners, and must be won. Their rebellious hearts must be conquered by the revelation of their helpless, sinful, lost state, to call upon Him who is truly waiting to be wanted. He waits to save, and bless.

The Moving Of The Spirit Of God

It has been written in a hymn, that, "God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform. He plants His footsteps in the sea, and rides upon the storm." How does He do this? It is by the moving of the Spirit of God upon individuals, circumstances, or things. He works in the heart to reveal His character and nature, through circumstances to manifest His power, but also in and through things, to bring about His perfect will on this earth.

That God May Be Known

What is the purpose of God in revealing Himself in the world by His word, especially in the Lord Jesus Christ? It is that He might be known. He forgives sins, makes one's heart new, so that by the Spirit of Christ, the believer might truly have communion with Him. It is in coming to know God, and walking in communion that the knowledge of Him is spread abroad.

The Songs That Never Age

The songs of the Bible never age, for they were inspired by the Spirit of God. When a believer takes these psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, quickens them to the heart, they become real, applicable, and a true means of worshipping and serving God. His truths are revealed in them, and by those trues faith takes wings and soars in joyful praise and blessing of God.

The Power Of Jesus' Name

Why is the name of Jesus so powerful? That name represents all that Jesus is in His humanity, and at the same time, all that the Son of God is in His glory and power. The power and grace of God are associated with that name, and by it, are brought to bear upon the need at hand by the one wielding it. By the Spirit, according to the will of God, that name sovereignly works to glorify the Father by the wondrous works that Christ accomplishes in the world, and on earth.

Standing In The Gap By Intercession

What is God's way to reach the lost, save a nation, build His church? He looks for a man, a person who will "stand in the gap" between Him and the object. For lost man whom God seeks, He looks for an intercessor, as well as a nation that He will restore and save. As to the church, Paul's words ring loud and clear today, "...I cease not to pray for you." Here is God's way, an intercessor standing, praying, appealing to God for His mercy to be revealed again and again.

Out Of The Heart

It is in the heart, that very throne room of the soul, where the issues of eternity are decided concerning the eternal things of God. The old heart is that dominated by sin, self, and Satan. The new heart which God gives is one that is resigned, and meet, " dear Redeemer's throne." It is the place where Christ dwells, to keep clean, and to fill with His blessed life.

Open Doors

What is an open door but an opportunity for passage, usefulness, or fruitfulness. For John the Apostle, when a door in heaven was opened, it was an opportunity to worship God in an more extensive way because of the revelation of God the Father, and Christ. For the Apostle Paul, it was an opportunity given by God for ministry, a breach in the wall of opposition to the gospel from a spiritual standpoint, to preach the Gospel to many held in darkness. Christ is the primary "door," for by Him one can come to God, to know, worship, and serve Him. He is the opportunity for fellowship with God.

A Small Answer To A Big Problem

God delights to use small and insignificant things from the world's perspective to demonstrate that He is Lord and God. He does this by using the littleness of men, directed by Him, and in response to faith, to confound and put to flight His enemies. This He did with Ester.

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