Have Faith In God

The normal Christian life is one where the whole of one's trust is placed decisively in the Lord Jesus to save the soul. Secondly, it is wholly placed in Christ to meet every need of the heart and life, so that, by the power of the Spirit of God, the kingdom of God will come, and the will of God will be done.

A Basic Essential To True Faith

There are many things that one learns as a Christian. Some of them will be forgotten. However, there are certain things that must never be forgotten, which are essential to truly believing God, and following Christ. These must forever be adhered to.

Trusting The Incomprehensible

How is it possible to trust the incomprehensible? It is only possible when by faith, according to the truth, our worship of God is true, and we behold Him as He is. It is as we worship Him, in His glory and power, but also, in His everlasting love, that we are inspired to trust Him fully, and motived to surrender ourselves to this One who is gracious, merciful, and filled with perfect goodness. His love is the supreme reason for trusting Him fully.

The Supreme Promise Of The Promised Land

Israel is a land of promise because God chose it as a place where His promises would be realized, seen, and known, as a testimony to the world. God used His promises as a basis for faith, a means of giving direction to faith, so that man could prove Him, and see the glory of God. Those who would follow Him, as was the case of Abraham, would also see His handiwork in lives and circumstances.

The Lord's Preacher

What makes a preacher of the Gospel? Where does even the concept, not to mention the calling, come from? It began before the person was conceived in the womb, for it began in the mind and heart of God before the world began. Hence, it certainly logical to believe, and trust God to reveal what our calling is. Whatever He calls us to do or to be, He will provide fully for its realization, if we trust Him.

Put Christ's Armor On

Why does the Bible speak of the armor of God which He provides in Christ? It is because the believer, from the very moment he surrendered to Christ, became engaged in a spiritual warfare. He has no choice but to clothe himself with the provision of Christ's own armor, which enabled Him to overcome the temptation of the enemy, and the opposition of the world. The Father has provided all that we need in armor and spiritual weapons in order to overcome our enemy, and live a victorious life.

Christ's Pursuit Of His Beloved

For those who have a thirst for God, and truly want to know Him better, there is usually a focus on the pursuit of Christ. However, we forget that all the time we are pursuing Him, He is pursuing us. His purpose is to bring us into a living, ever-deepening fellowship and communion with Himself. The great calling to man is to know God, responding to His working in the heart as we discover Him in the word of God, and walk by the Spirit.

Assurance Within The Veil

Where does confidence, or assurance, come from when dealing with God, or God dealing with us? Confidence is first based in truth, the objective truth of God's word. But the strength of confidence comes from Christ alone by the Spirit. Christ gives the confidence we need to come to God when faith is strengthened by Him according to what we read, study, and lay hold of in the word of.

The Weapons Of Our Warfare

Can a spiritual battle be won with fleshly, man-made weapons. Scripture tells us that the weapons that God gives are spiritual in nature, to be used by the Spirit of God according to the will of God. Paul tells us that these weapons are very effective. The sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, is the weapon of choice for the believer, because the enemy cannot withstand the power of God in His word.

The Shaking Of The Nations

Why does Scripture mention the nations being shaken by God? Is it not to open things up, break up fallow ground, and loosen the hold that the enemy has on situations, peoples, and nations? The Lord never does anything but that it will be for the glory of God, and the blessing of his creation, specifically those He came to save. He shakes the nations to accomplish His purposes of opening doors and providing for the needs of those who need His gift of freedom.

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