The Inseparable Love Of God

How is it that the believer can never be separated from the love of God in Christ. It is because of the design of the Father, who chose to place every believer into Christ, making him forever complete and perfect in Him. This union between Christ and the believer is inseparable, and thus, the love of God remains the bond and power of that union. …read more

Stones Crying Out

When God moves in victorious power, there is great joy. When one sinner repents, Scripture tells us that the angels in heaven rejoice, as they are filled with the joy of the Lord. Sometimes stones can cry out, and mountains can sing. God is able to do this, for His joy is overwhelming in its scope and power. The joy of the Lord is indeed our strength.

Silence Before God Almighty

Reverence of God is an essential condition of worshipping Him. Why? As the Creator of all things, and the Redeemer of all men, He is worthy to be honored and praised as holy, distinct and separate from His creation by His works, and by His nature. To not reverence God is to fall short of honoring Him in the way that He should be honored.

Father Paul To Son Timothy

Paul's letters to Timothy are filled with hope, commitment, faith and love. In them is found a treasure of wisdom and knowledge which is essential for Timothy to receive and make his own, if he would be useful and effective in the building up of the church. The sum of all his teaching and instruction is to bring Timothy to an experience of the love of God, committing to others the same message by which to know the power of such love.

Between Christ's Two Comings

The church of Christ, His body, is living in momentous times. She finds herself, part in heaven and the other part on earth. Those who have not gone to be with the Lord have a marvelous opportunity, privilege, and responsibility to give the light of the Life of Christ to a lost and dying world. With the testimony of those who have gone before, showing us the way, to the hope that is ours in Christ, in heaven this moment, the possibility of glorifying Him on earth in a wonderful way is enormous, certainly beyond what we could ask or think.

Where Be All His Miracles

A miracle of God is the manifest action of God which is only possible by His intervention and power. Sometimes it is a very small thing, such as five loaves and two fishes which are used to feed over five thousand men. Sometimes it is the dethronement of an empire, like that of Babylon by the Medes and the Persians. Does God still work in wondrous power to reach to save those who are in distress, bringing them into the safe, and calm harbor of His peace?

The Supremacy Of Mercy Over Judgement

Lucy A. Bennett once wrote: "O teach me what it meaneth, For I am full of sin; And grace alone can reach me, and love alone can win." It is the comprehension of the love, grace, and mercy of God, that the believer begins to see just how far down God's mercy went to save him or her. The eternal counter-action of judgement, is the mercy from a God who is willing to save, and to help.

The One At The Door

Who stands at the door of our hearts? Who is it that has proved His eternal love for us, having spent Himself to the uttermost that we might know true life, eternal life? Is it not the Lord Jesus, God manifest in the flesh, who has declared that He is the truth? There can be another "one" to present himself at the door, and it is sin. It crouches at the door, seeking entrance, bringing with it the deadly poison of faithlessness and rebellion against God. There is no love in sin, and no sacrifice to save, only the certainty of death, which will occur if he becomes the master of the life.

Stirring Up The Gift Of God

It is one thing to have a specific gift from God for the accomplishing of His will, and the advancement of His kingdom. It is quite another thing to use it well, and this to the maximum in communion with Christ. Sometimes there is the need to stir up that gift, to trust God for a newness and freshness, a new strength and power in the use of it, seizing every opportunity to use it.

From This Day Forward

Just as the distinguishing factor of God's presence revealed in one place but not another is the evidence of His working, so the new beginning in one circumstance, as evidenced by the fulfillment of His promise to come into that circumstance, is the confirmation of His blessing. Hallelujah for the day that He says, "From this day forward I will bless you."

Abundance And Abounding

Christ gives His life in abundance, for He is love. He calls upon the believer to be as a result, "abounding" in the work of the Lord. All becomes possible in the work of God when we realize that He has provided all that we need in Christ in abundance, to be abounding.

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