The Purposes of God

What are the purposes of God? One only needs to look at Calvary to begin to discover His purposes. It is in the revelation of God, in the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, that we begin to see the justice, love, and mercy of God. There is in that revelation a knowledge of the truth concerning God which can save the soul of man from that which will destroy him, to making him to be a vessel filled with the Spirit of Christ. The great purpose of God in forming Christ in the heart and soul of those who will trust Him implicitly.

The Message Of Christ Through The Churches

The book of the Revelation was specifically written for the body of Christ, specifically for the individual churches in the body. When looking carefully, we find that Christ's appeal was primarily directed at the individual believer. This is so because it will be through the individual believer, by the Spirit, in the different churches, that the message for the last days will be given, and this to the world. What was that message? "Whosoever will may come." What a wonderful message!!!

Is It Possible To See God

The Bible tells us that the pure in heart shall see God. Does this mean that only in eternity we shall see him? Paul tells us that God reveals Himself to the heart. This is that blessed, convincing perception of Christ according to the truth. Though no man can truly see God in all of His glory and live, one can see Him in the Scriptures, being made ever so real and true by the Spirit in the heart.

Faith's Corresponding Vision Of Christ

What is our vision of Christ? To a great extent our faith, in quality and quantity, will be determined by how we see Christ in truth, according to the Scriptures. For the one who has been beaten down by this world, the vision of the meek and lowly Christ is very refreshing. To the one who is facing insurmountable difficulties and foes, the vision of the glorified, victorious Christ, is essential.

The Undeniable Calling Of God

The gifts and the calling are irrevocable, and so should be our faith concerning them. God, in His wisdom and power, has chosen to give to every believer gifts for the fulfillment of his or her calling. God will accomplish his will by the faith of those He has called.

The Transforming Covenant

What is the covenant of God? Is it not the declaration of what he will do on the behalf, and for, the believer who will truly trust Him? The covenant is a committal of God who will certainly, and faithfully, perform what He has declared. The new covenant in the precious blood of Christ is the ultimate covenant, for it is the greatest expression of the love of God to man.

The New Thing Shall Ye Not Know It

The Christian life is "...a series of new beginnings." The question then becomes, "Lord, what new thing today will you do?" And then, the petition, "Lord show to Thy servants Thy works, and to our children Thy glory." These are two petitions that God will do for His glory, and our blessing.

The Centrality Of Communion With God

The personal expression of knowing Christ, of knowing eternal Life in Him, is communion with Him, that daily abiding in Him, and He in us. It is a fellowship, a partaking of His life, and a giving it back to Him by faith, in the power of the Spirit. To walk with Him, by the Spirit, is to commune with Him. To pray is to commune with Him. To rejoice in Him is to commune with Him.

The Antidote To Care And Anxiety

There is basically one reason for which the believer should bear no burden, nor be anxious. It is found in the word "transaction." To come to Christ to be our Savior and Lord, there is the surrender of all that we are and have to Him. He then, in His faithfulness accepts us, making us His own, to care for, and to commune with. He is faithful to provide and keep the one who truly trusts Him.

God's Perfect Time

In the economy of God, He alone sets the times and the seasons. Sovereign in all of His ways, and good in all His works and will, He seeks the highest and best for those whom He came to save. That which is the greatest blessing is the revelation of Himself in Christ, that we should know Him. He works in His time, His way, to bring this to pass for His glory, and our blessing.

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