What Is The Worth Of A Man

True worth is something attributed by God. It is a value, a preciousness that He sets on an individual. Its standard is not necessarily what that person is, but what that person can become in Jesus Christ. The day that the gift of Christ, and His righteousness is received by faith, the beauty of Christ's goodness and grace belongs to him. It all began in the heart of God, revealed in Christ, and brought to pass by the Spirit, by the individual responding to the call: "Whosoever will may come."

The Prayer For Powerful Blessing

How is it possible to receive the power of God, first of all to be born again of the Spirit, and then to appropriate that power of Christ every day to live in a manner worthy of Him? Jesus instructed the disciples to pray and wait in faith. This they did in unity of mind and heart, no dissention, no controversy between them. With one heart they quietly and earnestly sought God the Father for the fulfillment of the promise. Power was given to them by the Spirit.

The Keys And The Confirmation Of Faith

What is a key but an instrument by which doors are opened or closed? God in Christ is the possessor of all the keys of the kingdom, for He opens and closes doors by His authority and power. The Apostle Peter Christ gave the keys of the kingdom, with the express objective of using them to use the authority of God to open and close doors of opportunity, and to set the captive free. Those keys have also been given to the church, to be received, and used by faith according to the will of God, to see His glory revealed, and manifested.

The Disciple's Handbook Introduction

Where can one begin with God except at the beginning? That beginning is Himself, for He has declared that he is the Alpha, and the Omega, the beginning and the ending. His person is the point of departure for all knowledge of God, for the truth of His person is revealed by His Spirit. If one is to be a disciple of Christ, then he must come to Christ as the beginning, the One who gives a new beginning by His power because He loves us.

The Absolute Truth The Basis For Faith

What is the absolute truth but God, and that what He says. Part of knowing God is discovering that HIs words are the expression of His character. That character, by His own declaration, is the truth, there being no variableness or shadow cast by turning. It is absolute, pure, and good. That which He says is the revealed mind and heart of God. God has revealed Himself to me in Christ who is truth. He has spoken through Christ, to give to man the basis for faith, a faith in the faithfulness of God.

The Trumpet's Sound

The trumpet is used in battle because of the clarity and power of its sound. So is the word and way of God. It is like a two-edged sword. It is a sword of truth. By men are blessed and by it they so not choose the blessing of God. The wise man is he who responds whole-heartedly to the sound of the trumpet.

The Silent War

There is a war that is going on today in the unseen. It is between the armies of God, and those of Satan. It is a war for the souls of men, for by the redemption that is in Christ, men are made new, and grow into the image of Christ. They worship no other God, for they realize that any other so-called God is not the God of the Bible. Christ stands alone and unique as, not only the Son of God, but the Redeemer of the ages, one that will be opposed by the enemy.

The Incomparable God

How is God incomparable? The answer is simple. There is nothing to compare Him with. His creation is a reflection of His attributes. His redemption is the unveiling of His justice and His mercy. Every created thing is a lesser thing from God, and is so very much beneath Him, that there is no comparison. He stands alone as the only true object of faith, perfect in all His person and ways, worthy of our trust.

Passover To Pentecost, The Promise And The Power

Different days, or dates, remind us of certain things. Those things which are most important, and enduring, are eternal and spiritual in nature. Passover speaks of deliverance from slavery. Pentecost speaks of power, the power of the Spirit when He moved upon the hearts of men, that all the world should know Christ. God's work is a complete one and is to be sought and embraced.

Every Good Thing

God is the Giver of every good and perfect gift. How much does He desire to bless us, and what is the highest blessing? Paul tells us that we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus. Christ is the treasure which we seek, not only as He is eternal, and God, but that being so He has revealed Himself to man that we might know the wonderful, true, and gracious God.

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