The Importance of Quiet Time

"What's so important about spending time alone with God?" Lonnie Berger asks and answers this question on today's edition of "Every Man a Warrior Minute".


Have you ever had a moment that changed your life forever? That's what happened to Karen.

Unrealistic Expectations in Marriage

Are there "ticks" in your marriage? Would your spouse agree with your answer? Lonnie Berger expounds on this in today's episode of "Every Man a Warrior Minute".

Only God Can Change You

How can we really change? If it something we can do on our own?

The First and Greatest

If you want to develop with God, what is the first thing you need to do? Lonnie Berger shares the answer in this edition of "Every Man a Warrior Minute".

Love Relationship With the Lord

How important is it to know your life has purpose and meaning? Lonnie Berger probes this question in today's episode of "Every Man a Warrior - Minute".

More than Requests

What is prayer about? How do we know when we hear from the Lord?

Run to God

How do we respond when we face trials in our life?

Men of Great Courage

When Jesus walked on this earth, He was a builder of men. Lonnie Berger shows Jesus still is a builder of men. Listen in.

Priorities in Marriage

How are you doing at fulfilling your God-given responsibility in marriage?

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