Honor Your Wife

How does your wife long to be treated and valued by you? How are you to treat her?

Avoid Debt

Jake's story shows how biblical principles can provide financial freedom and success in life. Lonnie Berger shares this story on today's Every Man a Warrior Minute.

Wounds of Your Past

The story of Barry shows how the wounds of our past can daily affect our lives.

Worth Waiting For

What in life is worth waiting for? What about when the world is telling you purity isn't worth it?

The Light of Relationships

How you treat people - like your wife - can show the light of Christ.

Giving, Providing, Saving

When it comes to money, the Bible talks about more than just giving. Lonnie Berger talks about three areas of money in today's Every Man a Warrior.


What does it mean for the wife to be the helper? Lonnie Berger discusses the balance needed in a marriage and a family on today's Every Man a Warrior.

The Right Attitude

How important is it to apologize to your kids when you've wounded them? Lonnie Berger talks about the importance of a father's role in reconciliation.

Raising Children in Our Culture

How are we to raise our children in such a worldly culture? That's today's topic with Lonnie Berger on Every Man a Warrior.

Knocking on the Door

Does God speak to the hearts of children? How do you help your kids come to faith in Christ?

Handling Conflict

How do you handle conflict with your children? Lonnie Berger talks about how you model handling conflict can impact your kids for the rest of their lives.

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