Spiritual Weapons

What type of weapons do we need when we battle for purity?

Priorities in Marriage

How are you doing at fulfilling your God-given responsibility in marriage?

The Hard Questions

Why is it important to have an ally while struggling with sin?

The Word is a Weapon

How is the Bible a weapon?

Getting Ahead Financially

Is God obligated to bless you financially? Lonnie Berger answers this question and more in the quick minute for men on Every Man a Warrior - Minute.

Just Ask

The example of Scott and Joyce shows the importance of going to God with the things we desire.

He Didn't Talk About the Rules

Religion is about a set of rules, right? Well that's not what Jesus preached during his time on earth. Lonnie Berger talks about the greatest commandment in this edition of Every Man a Warrior.

Fight and End Well

How do we keep from being defeated when it comes to the battles we face in life? Lonnie Berger looks to God's word for the answer in today's edition of Every Man A Warrior.

The Provider

In what ways are you providing for your family? Are you being financially responsible? Lonnie Berger offers some financial principles to help you get started.

We Learn From Our Parents

Is your relationship a reflection of the one you saw through your parents? What examples are you setting for your own children when it comes to relationships?

Marriage Takes Hard Work

In what ways have you given up your life for something bigger than yourself? Marriage takes hard work, and Lonnie Berger talks about how you can have the best marriage possible in this edition of Every Man A Warrior.

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