God, Why Don't You Do Anything about Justice?

Habakkuk was an Old Testament prophet, and this book was written a long time ago, yet the Bible is still relevant to us today. Habakkuk asks the kind of questions you and I might ask: What about justice?

I Wish I'd Asked That: How Do You Find Courage?

Everyone has a need for encouragement. And while this passage shows us the path to encouragement, it also has some sobering predictions in it. But we can come away from this message with fresh, spiritual courage to live the life we're meant to live for Jesus.

I Wish I'd Asked That: How Do You Find Complete Joy?

It's not about happiness or a big house or successful children—all that will be dust in the end. Happiness is temporary. It's about joy which is something lasting and unrelated to what is happening around you. Joy is ultimately related to who Jesus is.

I Wish I'd Asked That: What Could Be Better Than Easter Sunday?

When we hold on to life how it is, we may be missing out on something better. You may be in the situation where you think you have everything you could possibly want, so why do you need to follow Jesus with any kind of real commitment? There is so much more on offer, and Jesus speaks to it here.

I Wish I'd Asked That: Why Do People Persecute Christians?

These days people have to be very careful what they say at work about the Bible. There are different kinds of persecution, and while you're not likely to be killed in America or England for being a Christian, there is opposition to Christian claims to truth and to Christian morality.

I Wish I'd Asked That: How Do We Bear Good Fruit?, Part 2

This isn't about the person who has never been to church. This is about people who look like they're connected to the vine, but aren't. It's quite possible to grow up in the church and do all the "right" things, but not actually bear any fruit. It all comes down to regeneration by the Spirit.

I Wish I'd Asked That: How Do We Bear Good Fruit?, Part 1

It may be that you're here because you feel your life isn't having the impact that you wish it would. You don't feel that you're fulfilling what you were made to do. In biblical terms, you're not bearing fruit—so how do we do that?

I Wish I'd Asked That: Why Do Some People Not Get It?

Some of those who say they have never seen God have not actually been looking. The surest way not to find is not to seek at all. Even if you are not a Christian, we all need to come to this study with an open mind and consider that these things might indeed be true.

I Wish I'd Asked That: How Do We Know It's All True?

Sometimes when we're going through a difficult time, we wonder how we can know that the things we believe in because we are following Christ are all true. The way to find the truth is to ask questions. We as Christians have nothing to hide. We do have the truth, and we can examine it with all the questions we have, and it will survive.

I Wish I'd Asked That: Why Is Jesus the Only Way to God?

Sixty-six percent of Americans think that belief in many different religions will get you into heaven. The more we come across people of other faiths and the more globalized our world is, the more we begin to think that truth is relative. This makes it harder for people to believe that Jesus is the only way to God.

I Wish I'd Asked That: Why Do Some Christian Leaders Mess Up?, Part 2

When we think about Christian failure, we need to remember that the enemy is on the prowl. But these lessons teach us to fight the good fight, to resist the devil and he will flee from us. While we may be disappointed in a leader who has failed, Jesus teaches us here how to handle that and how to take responsibility for our own lives.

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