Life to the Full: Living Water, Part 1

Racial animosity is all too common today. In Biblical times, the Samaritans were viewed as half bred, religiously compromised traitors. Here Christ speaks and acts in such a way as to include those who have been excluded. He builds bridges between people and unites them to God.

Life to the Full: Whoever Believes, Part 2

There's a flip side to chasing joy, something we're fleeing. So often, no one preaches about the wrath of God. We need to awaken people to the seriousness of eternal destiny. Here we draw the connection between the wrath of God and the pursuit of joy.

Life to the Full: Whoever Believes, Part 1

Why is it that we strive for something someone else has? What is it that fuels our jealousy or selfish ambition? Often, it is a misplaced search for joy. We think, "If only I had/did that, I'd be happy." But joy comes when we focus on Christ and center our lives on God.

Life to the Full: God So Loved the World

The Danish Christians refer to this passage as "The Little Bible" because the whole meaning of Scripture is in it. There is a universe of theology here, and a whole world of practicality, so there is much for us all to learn from.

Life to the Full: Born Again, Part 2

Put yourself back into the Old Testament story where people are dying, and there's a means of rescue by looking up at the serpent on the pole. If they look, they will not die. So faith is not a cursory glance at an unimportant fact. Faith is the desparate gaze of a dying man at the only possible means of his rescue.

Life to the Full: Born Again, Part 1

Let us not make the gate to enter the kingdom of God higher or lower than Jesus does. You must be born again to enter God's kingdom, but you don't have to have a certain style or mode of operation.

Life to the Full: The Temple, Part 2

Jesus' description of the temple is intended to help us realize that He is the temple. We also are being built up as living stones, a holy house, as we center our lives on Jesus. That's the purpose of church: to bring us all to realize that life is all about Him.

Life to the Full: The Temple, Part 1

This passage is about more than just people making money from the temple rituals. There is also a message about fake religion, which tends to exclude some and privilege the powerful. But the true gospel is for all people of every nation, color, and tribe.

Life to the Full: The Wedding at Cana in Galilee

The symbolism of wine is new life, and that is embedded throughout this story. Following Jesus is a life of celebration and joy. No passage shows better than the wedding in Cana the exuberance that is to mark Christianity.

Life to the Full: You Will See Heaven Opened, Part 2

What an encouragement it is to find a model of a reasonable question. As Christians, we are not to close our minds to difficulties, but to look for the new truth God might be teaching us or see how He is reshaping our character.

Life to the Full: You Will See Heaven Opened, Part 1

The people who are afraid of questions are often insecure about what they believe. This message looks at reasonable questions. It's important to allow people to ask questions, especially because we have the truth. Come to the Bible with your questions, and find the truth in Jesus.

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