The Gospel of Grace and Peace

Paul explains that his standard "grace and peace" greeting with which he began his letters had become empty. They had forgotten what it really meant!

The Godness of the Gospel, Part 2

Although Paul unashamedly asserts his authority, he is still humbly a part of the family. We want to encourage that kind of spirit among us as a church.

The Godness of the Gospel, Part 1

We are tempted to believe that the gospel is simply something we believe—we go through the motions and we have low expectations of an encounter with the living Lord. This is one of the reasons Paul begins the book of Galatians in such forthright terms.

The State of the Vision: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?

These days Christians in America go around looking defeated like things are bad and going to get worse. No, we are to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world!

20/20 Vision: Worship

There is nothing distinctly religious about worship. We are all worshippers. Worship is what humans do when they enjoy something and think it's worthy. We are called to worship God and by his Spirit see him as amazing.

20/20 Vision: Outreach, Part 2

He does not tell these hard-working Colossians to initiate opportunities, he tells them to respond to opportunities. We need to be ready to share when God prompts us.

20/20 Vision: Outreach, Part 1

Is believing in Jesus like wearing vision-enhancing glasses that improve your view of life? Or is believing in Jesus finally seeing clearly with 20/20 vision?

20/20 Vision: Learning, Part 2

We are all involved in this great task of proclaiming the gospel and getting God's Word out to call us to center our lives upon God.

20/20 Vision: Learning, Part 1

The reason why we as a church are committed to the exposition of Scripture is because we believe that the Bible is living and active. And the preacher's job is to get out of the way and let Jesus speak through his Word.

20/20 Vision: Fellowship, Part 2

Many people have tried to define joy. Happiness is short-lived, joy is long-lasting. More than elevated feelings, joy is a mode of being. Joy is the sense that we are aligned with the ultimate purpose of life.

20/20 Vision: Fellowship, Part 1

If you want fellowship, you have to have doctrine. If you want intimacy, you have to have truth. If you want healthy relationships, you have to have healthy biblical teaching.

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