The Responsibilities of a Faithful Community in a Secular Society

Given that Nero was the emperor at the time, it's remarkable that Paul says the authorities that exist have been instituted by God. Pastor Josh digs into what the Bible has to say about politics.

The Overcoming Love of a Harmonious Community, Part 2

This passage is a user's manual for harmonious community. Paul gives practical advice to the church on how to get along. Pastor Josh teaches about living for Jesus.

The Overcoming Love of a Harmonious Community, Part 1

Real worship isn't just singing songs or learning doctrine; real worship must have hands and feet and action. It is a response of our whole selves that becomes spiritual worship Monday through Saturday as well as Sunday.

Transformational Living in Community

People think that in order to be a truly committed Christian and be able to believe, you have to leave your brain behind. The problem of our modern world is that it is thinking too little.

To Him Be Glory Forever, Part 2

If we are not joyfully worshipping God, it's often because we see him as a slightly bigger version of ourselves. It is a huge mistake to bring him to our level; we need to have our minds blown!

To Him Be Glory Forever, Part 1

There is a lot of human-level activity in the church and much of it is good. But God is noticeably absent. We celebrate people's authenticity and our community, but we do not center our celebrations on God.

The Depth of the Riches and Wisdom and Knowledge of God

The issues of unity and connectivity and being one in Christ are key. There is nothing more important than for a church to be bonded together around Christ and the gospel.

Fullness of Riches, Part 2

God has chosen to give you great opportunities through his mercy for a reason. You might use those gifts—your brain, money, time, love, and personality—all for God.

Fullness of Riches, Part 1

We often think of the Bible as a random collection of quotations, but actually the Bible has a story from beginning to end, and once you see it like that, it helps open up your eyes to its true meaning.

His Riches for All Who Call on Him

We have to get our minds off of the idea that we're paying our dues to God when we pray or do "works." We can't give God a bill for services rendered and expect payment. Works don't work; faith does work.

Making Known the Riches of His Glory, Part 2

Paul talks about unceasing anguish over his people not knowing Jesus and having their eternal destiny on the line. We can use that pain to search for riches.

Giving Sounds Good

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