7 Days to Revitalize Your Life: Eternity

Society seems to be growing out of the idea of life after death. But can we really attend a funeral and not give a thought to whether this is all life is about? When you're around death, you're close to eternity, and the veil parts a little bit and life seems very translucent.

7 Days to Revitalize Your Life: Fulfillment, Part 2

There is a high motivation for us to deny ourselves for Jesus, because when we choose what Jesus says in His Word, we can bear the fruit of a true Christian. While denying ourselves does not come naturally, we need to lean into this counterintuitive and paradoxical way to find real life.

7 Days to Revitalize Your Life: Fulfillment, Part 1

What do you really want? We could offer to help you construct a dream around your desires, but that's a cruel thing to do. Instead, as we elevate the cross, that's the real way to find fulfillment. You must lose your life to save it.

7 Days to Revitalize Your Life: Rest

Stress contributes to health, relationship, and spiritual problems. This passage tells us how to find rest for our souls. Jesus talks about the burden of our sin and alienation from God. He takes that burden so that we can live as free people.

7 Days to Revitalize Your Life: Sacrifice

Jesus explains that sacrifice for His sake is good because it is right at the heart of his core purpose. Biblical faith must require sacrifice. It costs something to be a real follower of Jesus and put Him first.

7 Days to Revitalize Your Life: Mercy, Part 2

God desires to see mercy, love, and faithfulness in us, and not sacrifice. He doesn't want religious ritual. Today we tend to focus on our morality over grace. In reality, it is Christ who saves us and then empowers us to obedience.

7 Days to Revitalize Your Life: Mercy, Part 1

I was taught to define mercy like this: Grace is God giving us what we don't deserve; mercy is God not giving us what we do deserve. In this story, the tax collectors and the Pharisees energize the story as Jesus teaches about mercy.

7 Days to Revitalize Your Life: Challenge

Few of us will be called to have homelessness on our resume for Jesus. But all of us are called to live for Jesus in the intimacy of the home. In this passage, Jesus challenges two of his followers in a way that will help us understand the path toward a greater life.

7 Days to Revitalize Your Life: Purpose

Revitalization is a hot topic in many ways. Matthew does a phenomenal job of introducing us to Jesus, and Jesus is the source of all revitalization.

The Coming of the Lord: Asking and Urging

If you're thinking to yourself, "I can't keep on going," that's not the issue. The issue is that God will keep on going. "He who called you is faithful; he will surely do it."

The Coming of the Lord: Encourage One Another, Part 2

We are looking forward to a new heaven, a new earth, a new body, and a whole new universe. Our focus on Christ's second coming gives a whole new purpose to our lives today.

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