Confident: Complete, Part 2

They who suffer are taken beneath the routine business of life, and so often they find they are not who they thought they were. When you crash through the floor of a crisis in your life, what lies beneath?

Confident: Complete, Part 1

We have, as followers of Jesus, had given to us by divine example a single word that can make all the difference. Find out what that transformative word is.

Confident: Radical, Part 2

God believes in you. In Christ you are beloved and He is well pleased with you. He comes alongside us to help us move forward toward holiness and give us His strength. Pastor Josh looks at our pursuit of holiness.

Confident: Radical, Part 1

Our salvation is entirely by grace. But once we have God's spirit, we are to be holy. We have God's power and it requires our active contribution to be holy.

Confident: Indestructible, Part 2

We are often told that heaven is beyond our imagination, yet we spend time trying to imagine it. We want to be there with Jesus and we know we were made for something more. What is the right way to long for heaven?

Confident: Indestructible, Part 1

Is our faith in heaven dependent on our mood? When the storm of adversity comes into your life, if the house of your faith is built on emotional quicksand, will it stand?

Confident: Invincible

Unless you face up to your frailty in the pleasant light of a Sunday morning, when Saturday comes with a dark tragedy for you or someone you love, where will your strength come from to believe?

Confident: Unbreakable, Part 2

The Spirit's filling of individual Christians dictates the health of the church. We need the work of Christ to reform us and bring us more into line with what God intended, all through the Spirit's filling.

Confident: Unbreakable, Part 1

If someone says to you, "Why are those people attending church and spending time in the Bible when our world is going to hell in a handbasket?" you can tell them, "We are studying God's manual for changing the world!"

Confident Life

We have the mind of the Spirit if we're followers of Jesus, so we believe in God but it's more than mental assent. We can have confidence in God and experience him through faith.

Confident Mind, Part 2

It's not a matter of being brighter or more intelligent. It's a matter of wanting to please God whose ways are beyond and above anything that the pleasures of this passing world afford.

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