Genesis - A New Beginning: A New King

It could be that the very things that you find most traumatic and difficult are the things that God is precisely weaving into the tapestry of your life. In this way, you might, in your weakness, be exalted as a witness that you have been taken out of the pit and restored to a relationship with the King of the whole universe.

Genesis - A New Beginning: A New Temptation, Part 2

We are a people who are constantly under pressure from sexual temptation—men and women both. The way to resist this temptation and be a Joseph is to live in the face of God and to understand the blessing of God. In this way, the temptation itself will seem so petty.

Genesis - A New Beginning: A New Temptation, Part 1

God blesses us so that we might be a blessing. Those today who preach a message that success and the prosperity of God means a bigger house or car have fundamentally misunderstood what it means to be blessed.

Genesis - A New Beginning: A New Journey

The first question people ask when they're really in crisis isn't why, but how. How will I survive this? There are no easy answers to the problem of evil and suffering in the world. But there is One who suffered, died, and rose again. Turn to Him and find salvation and a way to survive.

Genesis - A New Beginning: A New Dream, Part 2

We live in a culture which is entranced with the idea of the American dream. We have been told over and over again that we must have a dream so that it can come true. The story of Joseph includes a dream that God himself plays a part in.

Genesis - A New Beginning: A New Dream, Part 1

The cast of characters in Genesis 37 shows us the nuances of personality types and the moral culpability of us all. These lead us to the sovereign grace of God and to finding mercy in Jesus Christ.

Genesis - A New Beginning: A New Fight

When we meet Jacob, we can ask him what it was like to wrestle with God. Except all of us at some point in our lives wrestle with God: some of us wrestle for our children, some for our marriages, some for our careers. Eventually, we have to come to terms with the fact that He is God, and we are not.

Genesis - A New Beginning: A New Encounter

It's easy for us to think that only special religious places can be zones of access to God. But as Jesus taught us, his worshippers are to worship him in spirit and in truth. So even a desert road with a few rocks can be the house of God. God can even meet us in a dream on the road to nowhere.

Genesis - A New Beginning: A New Blessing

Through the story of Isaac and Jacob we see that God blesses the world through broken individuals and broken families. That is encouraging!

Genesis - A New Beginning: A New Test

Does God test us today? The word "test" has so many connotations. The truth is that we are constantly being refined by life and by God's loving fatherly care.

Genesis - A New Beginning: A New Call

We come to the story of Abraham in Genesis and we find a command, a blessing, and then an action. The hard part for us is to believe that it is actually the case that to center our lives on God, to commit our lives to God, is indeed good.

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