How to Give Your Life Direction

Trust that God's will is better than your own.

Innovating with the Holy Spirit

Could your practice of following Jesus benefit from an update?

Being All Things to All People

Paul became a shape-shifter to better share the gospel.

How to Focus on the Present

Grounding techniques for recognizing the present as a gift.

When Is Good Time to Quit?

Don't quit God's plan for your life because of setbacks.

Your Inheritance is Not a Scam

Scripture provides assurance that our eternal inheritance already belongs to us.

What To Do When God Does Not Explain

How did God respond to others who have asked "why?"

Three Options For Addressing Problems

The most uncomfortable choice often yields the healthiest result.

Planning for the Weekend

If life is like a week, which day are you on right now?

How Much Should You Give to Others?

Would you give your last dollar in obedience?

Reset Daily at the Cross

What is God's agenda and how do we place it above our own?

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