What God Thinks of You

God isn’t a “supervisor” standing over your shoulder, keeping track of all your wrongs.

The Time to Decide is Now

The choice to live with integrity isn’t made in the heat of the moment.

How Did Jesus Respond to Doubters?

Unsure about your faith? Jesus welcomes questioners.

How Can Someone Be Transformed?

Can God change the human heart? He can and He does, in astounding ways.

God’s Tailored Grace is Available to You

God does not look down on us for our neediness.

Are You Hiding from God?

God can use even fearful, flawed people for His good purposes!

How to Sustain Love

True love is a choice to do and a hard, drawn-out work!

How to Combat Feelings of Shame

God does not want you to live in shame!

Tomorrow is Here and It's Out of Control!

Are you feeling confident about tomorrow or just the opposite?

The Best Gift You Can Give a Friend

Do you want to know what the best gift to a friend is?

Do You Dare to be Different?

You can be strengthened in the same way that Jesus was, when He stood alone for God.

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