The Gospel is Bigger Than You Are

When you follow Jesus, you have the assurance that all that is wrong will be made right, in Him.

The Unseen Powers Around You

There are unseen evil forces that affect rulers, governments, and people, that are subject to Jesus and will one day be done away with.

This is The Way Out of Darkness

The choice to walk out of darkness into the light is yours to make today.

The Irresistibility of Transformative Love

The transformative call for those who follow Jesus is to love--love God... and others.

What You Can Do in Helplessness

God's expectation is that we will need help in this life and lots of it.

Going Beyond Integrity That Just Looks Good

The integrity found in the Bible goes down into the secret places of our lives.

Will God Bless Me For My Spiritual Practices?

Just having a longer daily "Quiet Time" won't do you any good.

When Not To Say It

The Jesus way of true humility often calls for silence.

Here is the Way to a Life of Rest

You can enter into God's lifestyle of rest today.

Not The Throne You Imagined

The follower of Jesus is invited to God's throne of grace.

You Can Come Home

Wandered from God today? Just come back home.

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