Love is Not Like Cake

One aspect of navigating friendships in adulthood.

Stop Living Like a Prisoner

Jesus paid our debt, so we are no longer condemned under the law.

Keep On

Keep moving even when you're up against failure.

Discover God's Unusual Leadership Program

A good leader practices waiting on God.

What Makes Your Life Meaningful

We are not defined solely by the good things we do.

What is the Bible Really About

Do you really know the message of the Bible?

Can You Be a Christian But Not a Disciple

God wants nothing more than for us to love Him.

Who Has Authority To Take A Life

The Bible command against murder reminds us that all life is sacred.

How to Face the Unexpected

When your plans are upset, you are not adrift or forgotten by God.

There's a Unique Purpose for Your Life

What does it look like to have a calling?

How to Reroute When You're Off Track

The good news -- no, the great news -- is that God knows we will need to reroute on our spiritual journeys to the heart of God.

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