The Power of Prayer to Change Hearts

How do I grow in love for the flawed people around me when I just don't like them?

What Does Love Look Like?

How do we define love and how does it affect the way we live our lives?

Will God Judge Me?

Is God a God of judgment and if so, how can we trust His judgments?

In the Desert of Waiting

The most powerful times of growth in our lives take place in times of waiting.

Peace is Possible When Nothing Changes

God can turn depression into a life of joy even when difficult circumstances remain unchanged.

God in the Rubble

God is near to us, even in the disaster of our lives.

Happy People Never Do These 3 Things

Thanks to the happy people of Finland for validating the life-giving principles God gave us to live by!

The Kindest One I Know

Nothing turns an angry heart as quickly as kindness.

We Become What We Behold

We were made to be drawn to beauty, made to long for it in ourselves. Why did God give us this desire?

There's a Snake in Your Garden

You don't have to live with negative thoughts controlling you.

God's One Requirement

In a world of constantly demanding more time and energy, God invites us back to the simplicity of "one thing."

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