God's Kindness is Calling

God's desire isn't for a change of our hearts just because we're afraid of punishment.

Thoughts for the Very Worst

In the very worst of times, we can ask God to gently carry those we love.

How Global is Your Faith?

We can forget, as we worship week after week with people who may be largely from our own culture, that God's family is a gloriously global family.

Here is God's Really Big Plan

God's plan for His family, the church, is a cosmic one!

A Moment of Glory

What will your moment of glory look like?

The Best Homecoming is Yet To Come

The best homecoming is only available through Jesus.

Where's Your Blind Spot?

A humble attitude changes the way I view myself, God and the world.

Don't Let Them Change Your Name

Jesus-followers live lives that stand out from the culture that rejects Him.

Your Detour is By Design

When our lives don't go "as planned," it's time to dig in even deeper into Him and His word.

The Law That Leads to Life

God's law is something entirely different than man's law.

Jesus Has No Bummer Lambs

Jesus wants each of us to live in His unconditional love so that we recognize His voice and come running.

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