What You Can Do About Global Suffering

We are surrounded by wounded travelers in need of help.

Here Is The Way To A Clean, Free Life

Jesus is the satisfaction for my sin, not just the substitution.

When There Is No Repentance

God longs for and celebrates restoration. We should too.

Three Ways God Speaks

Creation, scripture, and the Holy Spirit point to the validity of God.

When You Want A Miracle

Jesus has good in mind for us, gifts beyond our limited imaginations.

Is It Wrong to be Worldly?

Scripture defines worldliness differently than the way Christian culture has.

A Call to Reluctant Leaders

Do not think that your inadequacies disqualify you for leadership.

How to View God Clearly

What you believe about God affects many aspects of your life.

Do Not Make "Sorry" the Hardest Word

Acknowledging your fault is the first step to reversing your past.

Why Will Jesus Come to Earth Twice?

What is happening in the time between Jesus' first coming and the anticipated second coming?

Discover How Reconciliation is Possible

The cross of Jesus Christ says there is healing for all.

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