Here's Where to Focus First

It's common to look at the people around us and wish they would become more loving, patient, understanding, and motivated, but God calls us to first look at where we need to grow.

Turning Desperate Despair into Hope

Discover the secret weapon God gives you for processing and releasing fear and anxiety.

When Your Burden Is Too Heavy

How can we possibly find peace after soul-destroying tragedy?

The Transformative Power of Vulnerable Love

Jesus invites us to follow Him, living with wisdom and vulnerability.

Learning the Art of Stewardship

Creative, capable stewardship of our time, money, work and relationships is developed little by little

Touched by Brokenness, Redeemed by Love

Are you suffering with sorrow over what you've lost in this life and all that could have been?

God Likes You

We can almost entirely predict how we will walk with God based on how we think He feels about us. So how does God really feel about you?

Do I Obey Out of Ritual or Relationship?

Do I obey God, out of my love for Him and desire for His way in my life, or just for an illusion of holiness?

Evaluating Our Priorities: Live for What Lasts

Not everything we spend out time, energy, and resources on will last or matter at the end of our lives.

God's Unlikely Candidates

Discover the interesting reason why God enjoys picking the least likely people for the most incredible jobs!

Why Did God Choose a Cross?

Why would God choose to save us through death on a cross?

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