Jesus Blesses the Children

"Jesus loves children". Guests visited a Swedish princess and asked her, "Could you please show us the crown jewels?"

Calming the Storm

The men were frightened and feared their boat would sink. What was Jesus doing? What did He do next that changed everything? Listen to this program of "Stories for Children" to find out.

The Prodigal Son

He spent all his money and did things he knew was wrong. What happened when he went home? Find out by listening to this program of "Stories for Children".

Bartimaus Can See

"Whoever prays experiences miracles"

God Loves All Children

"God loves you!"

The Ten Lepers

"9 to 1! Remember to be thankful!"

David and Goliath

"God is stronger"

Paul and Silas in Philippi

"Faith in Jesus saves"

The Most Beautiful Time

"Advent – He’s coming!"

Christmas Quiz

"Let’s do the Christmas quiz!"

The Birthday of the Lord Jesus

"Jesus is born"

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