Another Man's Foundation

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different churches? Why so many ways of "Worship"?

Established in the Word

Which should be more of our guide in our Christian walk: our understanding of the Bible or our experiences?

The God of Patience and Consolation

How is it that while we desire and appreciate patience on the part of God and even of others that we struggle to extend it?

Walking In Love

How does one control their own liberty in regards to getting along with other Christians?

Another Man's Servant

Pastor Chuck helps us to know how the Bible tells us to in practical ways, including which day of the week to worship. Should Christians worship on Saturdays?

Knowing The Time

What is the reason we should be aware of the time we live? How does knowing the time give us hope?

Christians and the Government

How much "Civil Disobedience" does the Bible allow?

God's Will For Your Life

How can I know God's will for my life? What about "Spiritual gifts"?

The Grafting in of the Gentiles

Pastor Chuck addresses the anti-Semitic feeling held by those claiming to be Christians.

Grace Versus Works

If they are mutually exclusive, how can they get along?

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