The Gift of Tongues

How does Pastor Chuck handle the controversial topic of speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues? What is really going on?

Desire Spirtual Gifts

Why should we desire Spiritual Gifts? Pastor Chuck shares his thoughts on whether speaking in tongues is for today?

Love Never Fails

When the Bible says that "When that which is perfect comes", what is meant? Is it Jesus' coming again? Is it the revelation of Scripture? Or is it something else?

The Definition of Love

Love is incredible! Love is extremely sought after and highly desired! Love - What is it?

The Superiority of Love

Which spiritual gift is to be desired?

The Gift of Faith

What does it really mean to have the gift of faith? Can there ever be lapses in faith if you have that gift? Who is included in the body of Christ?

The Manifestation of the Spirit

Why did God give Spiritual Gifts?

Spiritual Gifts

Pastor Chuck shares his thoughts on how folks on both sides of the fence are ignorant on the use of Spiritual gifts.

Divisions in Corinth

What was an Agape Feast? What is a Communion service?

The Culture of Corinth

How much should someone care about the local culture? What does it matter?

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