Jesus Curing Infirmities

How does Jesus work identify him to be?

Miracles in the Life of Jesus.

At what point is a life is worthy of Jesus?

Jesus Chooses the Twelve

What value did Jesus placed on prayer?

The Children of the Bride-Chamber

When is the new valued over the old traditions?

The Healing of the Man With Palsy

Chuck addresses: Is illness related to sin?

Jesus Curing a Leper

What formula did Jesus always use in performing His miracles?

Pressing to Hear the Word of God

What is the difference between doing something in our own strength and doing something in the Lord's strength? How do you know which you are doing?

Jesus Teaching in the Synagogue

Jesus Teaching in the Synagogue

The Temptation of Jesus

When was the earth forfeited over to Satan?

The Genealogy of Jesus

If Joseph wasn't the true father of Jesus, what good is it to have his genealogy in the Bible? Pastor Chuck answers this and other questions in today's episode.

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