The Man with the Withered Hand

In order to fit fixed theological positions, is it possible that some would seek to hold back the power of God?

The Denial of the Flesh

If food feeds the body, what can one do to feed the spirit? Pastor Chuck has some thoughts on this in today's episode.

Jesus in Capernaum

Four men went through incredible effort to get their friend to Jesus. How much effort would you go through to bring someone to Jesus?

The Call to Discipleship

The study of Jesus calling the early disciples begs the question, "What is He calling you to do?" Have you heard it?

An Introduction to Mark

What is known about the human author of the book of Mark?

The Resurrection of Jesus

How is it that the Bible says "they touched his feet as they worshipped Him" but it also says that Jesus said elsewhere, "Don't touch me"?

The Crucifixion of Jesus

Pastor Chuck expounds upon the effect of sin upon a relationship with God, including...

The Soldiers Mocked Jesus

Marred, swollen, bruised. How do you picture Jesus when the soldiers mocked Him and beat on Him?

What Will We Do With Jesus?

One of the most interesting questions each person must answer is...

Jesus Delivered to Pontius Pilate

Why would they bother to hold a pre-trial of Jesus?

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