Greater Than John the Baptist

Some people are just hard to please, especially when they don't seem to know what they want. How did Jesus cope with that? Find out in today's episode.

John the Baptist in Prison

Have you ever been discouraged in ministry? Have you ever had doubts about Jesus?

Persecuted For Jesus

What is meant by "Freely you have received; freely give."?

Go And Preach

What was the calling of God on the Disciples? What is His calling on you?

Jesus Sends Out His Disciples

What happens when God's people pray for more harvesters? Who does prayer change?

Matthew The Tax Gatherer

Have you heard Jesus' call to you? If so, have you heeded it?

Two Men Possessed With Devils

Demons recognized Jesus and acknowledged who He was when He walked on this earth. What about you: have you acknowledged yet Jesus is who the Bible clearly says He is?

Jesus Heals the Mother in Law of Peter

Pastor Chuck points out that the finest commentary on the Old Testament is the inspired New Testament.

The Kingdom Age

Now that the Kingdom is pronounced in the Sermon on the Mount, how did Jesus begin to show it?

Ye That Work Iniquity

For whose glory have you rendered "service to God"? Has it truly been for God's?

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