Sleep Now and Take Your Rest

What really happened in the Garden of Gethsemane? What Pastor Chuck shares in today's episode may surprise you.

Singing a Psalm on the Mount of Olives

What would it have been like to sing along with Jesus? What will it be like to sing along with Jesus?

Ointment for Jesus' Burial

Was Judas the hero others have made him out to be?

When Jesus Comes in Glory

What does it matter how we treat others?

Watch and Be Ready

How can one know they are ready if they don't know what they need to be ready for? Pastor Chuck Smith explains what it means to be ready for the Lord's return.

The Great Tribulation

Times are tough, but the toughest times are yet to come. Pastor Chuck explains in today's episode how this will be so.

The Gospel of the Kingdom

According to Jesus, what is your part in spreading the Gospel?

The Grieving of Jesus

What did Jesus want to do for the people of Israel but was unable to do so?

Hypocrites Exist Even Today

When a meek and mild personality all of a sudden blasts someone, it demands attention as to what they have to say. How does that fit with Jesus's words in today's episode?

The Seven Woes

What does it mean to practice what you preach?

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