Ye That Work Iniquity

For whose glory have you rendered "service to God"? Has it truly been for God's?

False Professions

Is someone a Christian because of which country they were born? Is it just because they think they are? Is it because the say Lord? Pastor Chuck has something to say about this for you to ponder.

Enter In at the Straight Gate

Even though many people desire it that many if not all people will make it to heaven, who is it that will "qualify" to enter heaven?

Ask And It Shall Be Given

When we come to God in prayer, are we inquiring of God or beseeching God?

Judge Not That You Not Be Judged

Throughout the sermon, Jesus first gives a principle then He gives examples as illustrated in today's episode.


Fasting: what good is it? Where do you store your treasures: merely on earth or in heaven?

Personal Petitions

Provisions, past and future are all included in what?

Take Heed To Yourself - Part 2

What is your motivation? How would you like it proclaimed for others to see and know? Have you recognized the possibility of deceiving yourself?

Take Heed To Yourself

Where and from whom do you want your rewards?

The Disciples of Jesus Christ

To whom was the "Sermon on the Mount" intended?

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