Children in the Womb

What really determines what is socially acceptable? What does Pastor Chuck say is the determining factor?

The Angel Gabriel Sent Unto Mary

What is the difference between "Engaged", "Espoused" and "Married"? Pastor Chuck explains the differences on today's study.

The Angel and Zacharias

Have you ever experienced something that left you speechless? Pastor Chuck explains just such an event in today's study.

Luke, the Beloved Physician

What do we know about the human author of the Gospel of Luke?

The Stone Rolled Away

The two women found the grave stone had been rolled away before they arrived, but who rolled it away and how could they have moved such a huge stone?

Jesus Dismisses His Spirit

What difference does it make how Jesus died?

The Crucifixion of Jesus

Unimaginable, excruciating pain and suffering on behalf of others begs the question, "Why?". Pastor Chuck clearly answers that question in today's episode.

The Scourging of Jesus

Why would Jesus take such abuse?

The Trial of Jesus

If you were at Jesus' trial, what would you have done?

The Sleeping Disciples

What would you have done if you were in Gethsemane with Jesus?

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