We Should Love Like God Loves

The love we show and share with others should be a reflection of the love God shows to us. That’s today’s message with Dr. Tony Hart from 1John chapter 3. Jon in!

Finding The Resurrected Jesus

In today’s message with Dr. Tony Hart we’re reminded of how easy it is to find the resurrected Jesus- that is if you know where to look. We’re in John chapter 20. Listen in!

The Battle Is Now

In today’s teaching from 1 John chapter 2 Dr. Tony Hart reminds us that tomorrow is not promised, and there is no time like the here and now.

What Matters To God Should Matter To Us

What are the things that matter most to you? In today’s message from 1 John chapter 2 Dr. Tony Hart reminds us of what matters to God. Join us!

Walk In The Light

As we walk in the light of God’s Word, we navigate the course of life with confidence and assurance. Today’s teaching with Dr. Tony Hart will be an encouragement to you, and strengthen both your faith and your resolve to live for in victory.

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