The Evidence Of Jesus

And we hope you’ll stay tuned for this insightful teaching from John chapter 5 where we find evidence for all the claims of Christ.

The Claims Of Christ

Many today question whether Jesus was (or is) who He claims to be. Certainly He was a good teacher and a gifted leader. But was He more? Today we take an in depth look at the claims of Christ.

Jesus Came To Heal The Hopeless

The Bible is filled with people and circumstances that at first glance looked hopeless. But as we’ll find out in today’s teaching, Jesus came to heal the hopeless.

God’s Love Crosses All Borders

In these times of separation and exclusion among people, today’s teaching is a vivid reminder that God is no respecter of persons.

Keeping Our Big Heads Out Of The Way

You’ve heard the expression “You’re getting too big for your britches.” It refers to someone who has an unrealistic and inflated idea of whom they are. When it comes to life and ministry we need to heed today’s exhortation to keep our “big heads” out of the way.

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