We Are Separated & Sent Out

In Acts chapter 13 we have a beautiful illustration of how God works in the Body of Christ regarding the ministry of missions: The story gives us pause, and causes us to wonder that perhaps our shortcomings are due to a departure from these fundamental principles. Join us as Dr. Tony Hart unwraps the truths contained in this passage.

Suffering Gives Opportunity For Victory

You’re sure to receive a blessing from today’s message in Acts chapter 12, where we find out that where there is suffering, there is also opportunity for victory. Here’s Dr. Hart.

Contend For The Truth

In today’s teaching with Dr. Tony Hart from Acts chapter 11 we find Peter being unafraid to step out of his comfort zone to contend for the truth of the Gospel. It’s a lesson for us all.

The Holy Spirit Goes Viral

In today’s message it’s not “something” that spreads rapidly through the population, it’s “Someone.” And that Someone is the Holy Spirit. Today we’re in Acts chapter 10.

Are You Ready?

How wonderful it is to know that God wants to bless His children. We must however put ourselves in a position to be blessed. From our archived messages, here’s our founder, the late Dr. B. Sam Hart asking, “Are You Ready?”

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