Jesus Can Help Us Take Off The Shades

In today’s world there are many things which prohibit us from seeing clearly how to connect with God and navigate the course of life. Here’s Dr. Tony Hart in II Cor. Chapter 3

Out With The Old, In With The New

In today’s message with Dr. Tony Hart we take a look at the difference between the letter (which Paul says kills) and the Spirit which he declares “gives life.” We’re in II Corinthians chapter 3

We Are God’s Letter To The World

As believers we are God’s representatives in the world. We are His love letter to a world which desperately needs to hear from Him. We’re continuing our trek through the book of II Corinthians with Dr. Tony Hart. Won’t you join us?

August 27, 2017 Be A Part Of The Victory Parade

The Christian life is a journey, and we must find the path that leads to a victorious, overcoming life- the abundant life that Jesus wants His children to live. Join us as Dr. Tony continues his teaching from 2 Corinthians.

A Case Study In Discipline

God uses discipline in the lives of those whom He loves. Where would we be without it? Open your Bibles to II Corinthians chapter one and follow along as Dr. Tony Hart teaches.

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