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A Life Serving Jesus

From Landmark Church Why should a bond servant to Jesus gladly meet the conditions of service?

A Minister's Manual

From ICM's Mini Bible College The tabernacle in the wilderness was a place where God dwelled and where sinners could com

A Thankful Heart

From The Word for Today It seems that people would rather complain than give thanks even while there is so much to

An Astronaut Admires Design

From Truth in the Test Tube What's more complex than a rocket traveling to the moon? Could it be something in your

An Extraordinary Ascension - Part 1

From Running to Win The ascension of Jesus was a movement from the visible to the invisible, the material to t

An Extraordinary Resurrection - Part 2

From Running to Win Why do Christians believe in the resurrection of Christ? Looking at the evidence, it's ove

An Extraordinary Resurrection - Part 3

From Running to Win Of all the religious founders who've ever lived, only One is still living. Only One has op

An Introduction to Colossians

From The Word for Today What were some of the dangerous heresies which were becoming popular in Colosse in 64AD?

At the End of Your Rope

From Encouraging Words Give purpose to what you are doing instead of just doing the next thing!

Bahati gets hurt

From Kerus - It Takes Courage! Grandma's Village is a series of 32 dramas that bring a message of hope and healing. In Pr
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Colonial Baptist Church

Discipleship Essentials

Encouraging Words

Faith By Hearing

Grace to You


ICM's Mini Bible College

Kerus - It Takes Courage!

Keys for Kids

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Jesse Bradley


Carol Detwiler

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer


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New Testament Survey


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