Stop Saying Tomorrow

God makes clear conditional statements designed to guide us to personal growth and faithfulness. The more you reject God, the harder your heart will become. When you know what God wants, do it now.

Empowered by God

1. Be proactive: Take God's light into the darkness 2. Be bold: Stand your ground against false gods. 3. Be persistent: Go the distance until God brings the breakthrough.

God Has the Final Say

Rejection and opposition can rattle your faith. Religious people will undermine your vision. Your greatest test is usually your own doubt. All that matters is what God says!


Resurrection perspective Resurrection purpose Resurrection power

Holy Commitment

Jesus set his face like flint to be faithful and finish the mission. People want to follow Jesus with a soft commitment. God will strengthen you if you set your eyes on Jesus and place faithfulness above any cost.

This Time is Different

A humble attitude An unwavering courage A new accountability A united team

No More Excuses

Three Big Excuses 1 The fear of failure 2 The absence of ability 3 The lack of desire

God is Amazing!

The person of God The promises of God The power of God The provision of God

The Call of God

1 Make sure what you are doing is from God and for God. 2 Remember that God's call is primarily relational. 3 Your calling requires you to continually rely on God. 4 You are a priest who helps people know and walk with God.

The Compassion of God

1 Your good emotions can lead to bad decisions. 2 Bad solutions steal your peace and delay your purpose. 3 When you are in a low place, just start serving. 4 God opens doors that you don't deserve. 5 God sees your suffering and hears your prayers. 6 Your restoration is linked to their restoration.

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