Caleb - Stepping Into Your Potential

Two great prayer requests every day are discernment and courage.

Jacob - Wrestling With God

God's faithfulness is constant, but our faithfulness develops through a process of refinement.

Barnabas - Bringing Encouragement

Cultivate a consistency in being filled with the Holy Spirit that becomes evident in your daily interactions. 

Joanna - An Overflowing Gratitude

Joanna - An Overflowing Gratitude

Abigail - Timely Influence

The ability to make solid relational decisions increases when you are aware of God's Word an dpromptings' you will help people worship and appreciate God!

Philip - Faithful Even in the Hard Times

How does God work in the middle of all the discouraging news and realities of our world today?

Joseph - Bombarded with Temptation

Cultivate overlooked habits: distancing from trouble, verbalizing truths, and running from evil desires.

Shunammite Woman - An Attitude of Inviting

God is glorified and dreams are fulfilled when invitations including hospitality and opportunities to serve are fully received. 

Noah - A Personal Assignment

Your assignment from God begins with a heathy relationship and abiding daily. It includes fully embracing both the massive scope and the minute details.

Jesus and The Shallow

Jesus knows the heart of every person, the importance of each moment and how it all connects with His eternal kingdom.

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