Bold Proclaimers of Gospel Truth (#2)

In his book, "Seven Way to Fix the World" Christopher Barnetts suggests mankind needs to adopt a low energy lifestyle . . . listen to a diversity of opinions . . . and put more women in authority. And while some of his ideas could help, none of them would truly fix the world’s problems. If you could only do one thing to fix mankind greatest issues…read more

Bold Proclaimers of Gospel Truth (#1)

The apostle Paul suffered constant beatings . . . deprivation . . . and even a stoning. Yet, no matter how evil the world became or how often he was persecuted . . . the apostle Paul endured. But what gave this man of God the strength to say faithful . . . what truths did Paul cling to when his trials seemed impossible to endure . . . and then got harder? John MacArthur begins to answer that question today on GRACE TO YOU.

God’s Kingdom Is Not of This World (#2)

For over two hundred years the majority of the United States believed that marriage was between a man and woman. But that all changed in a fifteen year span. Unfortunately, the biblical view of marriage is just one foundational belief that society has jettisoned recently—and who knows what will go next. With so much in the culture that is upside down today, can the church make a difference? John MacArthur has an encouraging answer today on GRACE TO YOU.

God’s Kingdom Is Not of This World (#1)

Many pastors have tried to reverse the decline in church attendance by making church more entertaining. But will certain strategies strengthen the church for the work it needs to do—the work God established the church to do? The challenges for God’s people seem more insurmountable today than ever. Make sure you’re thinking biblically about those challenges and listen to GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur to help you do just that.

The Kingdom of Light Amidst the Kingdom of Darkness (#2)

As a Christian, you expect to be mocked for believing that God created the world in six literal days . . . and that Christ rose from the dead. But did you ever think that anyone would be ridiculed for believing that only women can give birth . . . and that there are only two genders? Thankfully, God is still in control of everything that happens . . . and a day is coming when the world will believe the truth about God and confess His rightful authority and power. Today, John MacArthur looks at the return of Christ and what the church is called to do while it awaits His coming.

The Kingdom of Light Amidst the Kingdom of Darkness (#1)

A Christian student in a large public university, taking a science course taught by an atheist, speaks up in class to challenge his professor’s views on evolution. That’s a recipe for public humiliation if there ever was one. And, let’s be fair . . . it has never been easy to stand up for biblical truth and a Christian worldview . . . in fact, now it’s harder than ever. So for encouragement for those situations, stay here as John MacArthur continues his brand-new study . . . The World vs. the Kingdom of God.

Our King Will Not Be Mocked (#2)

Thesedays, doesn’t it seem that the world has crossed into a new dimension of depravity, one that is marked by social disorder, violent crime, government corruption, the rejection of biblical morality . . . and the acceptance of those things by many of the loudest and most powerful voices in our society?In the face of such decline, what does God expect from His church?To help you think biblically about the current chaos, follow along now with John MacArthur here on GRACE TO YOU as he continues a brand-new study that he calls . . . The World vs. the Kingdom of God.

Our King Will Not Be Mocked (#1)

Thanks for joining us here on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur. Today, John launches a brand-new study that is going to help you make sense of . . . well . . . the confusion and the chaos and the unrighteousness that seems to have reached new heights these days. We’re calling this series . . . The World vs. the Kingdom of God.

Questions and Answers, Part 30

Today, John’s going to mix things up a bit. Instead of walking you verse-by-verse through a passage of Scripture, he’s going to field questions from his home church about the Bible and the Christian life—perhaps a question you have wrested with. Questions like . . . when people are regenerated do they keep their old sin nature . . . If men can’t see the Lord and live, how did Isaiah survive his vision of God . . . and, many more.Learn more on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

From Glory to Glory, Part 2 (#2)

“How can I glorify God?”That’s the most essential question any Christian can ask themselves in any situation. So what’s the answer? How can you be confident you’re truly honoring the Lord, not just when you pray or tells others about Christ . . . but when you’re driving the kids not school or heading off to work? John MacArthur provides biblical answers today on GRACE TO YOU as he continues his practical series, simply titled . . . How to Live for God’s Glory.

From Glory to Glory, Part 2 (#1)

When the phone rings in the middle of the night . . . when the doctor sees something ominous on your test results . . . when it looks like you could—or when you actually do—lose your job . . . how do you respond in a way that shows you’re trusting in the One who’s always in control . . . who always deserves your trust? John MacArthur’s helping you think biblically about your trials in his current series here on GRACE TO YOU

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