The Reign of Rebellion, Part 1 (#2)

The impact of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 was monumental. And that same year—just a few months before the launch of Apollo 11—John MacArthur launched his pastoral ministry that continues to this day . . . and with it, the Bible-teaching ministry of GRACE TO YOU. So join John for his compelling study called . . . The Future of Israel. . . on …read more

The Reign of Rebellion, Part 1 (#1)

There are many people who respect the Bible but may have no idea what most of it means or how to interpret it. That’s especially true when it comes to prophecy—the parts of the Bible that reveal future events. So join John MacArthur as he shows you how you fit into the amazing prophecies concerning The Future of Israel. . . on GRACE TO YOU.

The Vision of Glory (#2)

Here’s an important question for you: How should you conduct your life . . . what sort of plans should you make . . . if you knew what the future held? Well, you know, you can know what’s ahead because it’s written in the pages of the Bible. See how understanding the prophecies in Scripture should affect how you conduct your life today . . . on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Vision of Glory (#1)

You’ve probably heard that a Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t. That to say, when you’re constantly reaching for your Bible and meditating on its truth, you’ll find the guidance and strength you need every day. So risk some wear and tear on your Bible with John MacArthur as he looks at The Future of Israel. . . on GRACE TO YOU.

Israel’s Future, Part 3

If you have workout equipment in your garage that only collects dust . . . what good is it? Well, that same principle applies to your Bible—if you don’t use it, you won’t benefit from it. So grab your Bible and follow along as John MacArthur shows you what it says about The Future of Israel, and how what’s ahead for that nation affects you . . . on GRACE TO YOU.

Israel’s Future, Part 2 (#2)

Some questions for you . . . What does the future hold for Israel? Does God still have a plan for that nation . . . or has He largely abandoned it? And how does Israel’s future apply to you? There’s more to those questions than you may have ever considered. So take a half hour to look at The Future of Israel. That’s John MacArthur’s study today . . . on GRACE TO YOU.

Israel’s Future, Part 2 (#1)

You may know that Scripture has much to say about Israel, but does it address the modern tensions in that land . . . even the current conflict playing out there? Find out as John MacArthur shows you what God’s Word reveals about The Future of Israel. That’s the title of his study—join John on GRACE TO YOU.

Israel’s Future, Part 1 (#2)

So what is the future for Israel? Is the fact that Israel still exists in its land significant? And how does Israel’s future relate to your future? Learn how God’s plan for Israel affects the whole world—including you. Join John MacArthur as he continues an important study called . . . The Future of Israel. . . right here . . . on GRACE TO YOU.

Israel’s Future, Part 1 (#1)

For over fifty-five years, John MacArthur and GRACE TO YOU have been “Unleashing God’s Truth, One Verse at a Time” . . . connecting as many people as possible with the life-changing truth of God’s Word. So, I encourage you to tune in today to hear what the Word of God reveals about, The Future of Israel. That’s the title of John’s study . . . on GRACE TO YOU.

Why the Believer Doubts, Part 2 (#2)

For over five decades, GRACE TO YOU has been connecting God’s people with verse-by-verse Bible teaching that transforms lives and strengthens families and churches. And to help strengthen you today, John MacArthur will show you how to deal with the temptation to question your faith in Jesus Christ. Join John for his encouraging study called . . . When Believers Doubt, on GRACE TO YOU.

Bible Questions and Answers, Part 58

Well, you’re probably enjoying a break from your normal routine on this holiday Thursday. And GRACE TO YOU is also taking a break—a break from John MacArthur’s current series that is. Instead, you’ll hear John answering questions about the Bible and the Christian life . . . maybe a question or two that you’ve wondered about. So stay here for a compelling Q&A . . . on GRACE TO YOU.

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