What It Takes to Study Gods Word, Part 1

When you hear of an interesting book, you may talk to those whove read it, attend a lecture about it, check the reviews. But eventually, if you want to get anything out of that book, youve got to read it. Thats certainly true of the Bible. To truly be transformed by Gods Word, you need to read it on your own. Hear more, now on GRACE TO YOU with…read more

Fundamental Christian Attitudes Self-Discipline, Part 4

If you're a Christian, there's great benefit in meditating on what Christ has done for you. He's blessed you with an eternal inheritance . . . healed you in a way no doctor could . . . transformed your life . . . paid the penalty for your sins . . . and given you hope for a glorious future in heaven. Hear more, now, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Why Sunday is the Lord’s Day, Part 2

Is it sinful for you to punch the clock . . . take your kids to baseball games . . . or take part in any other leisurely activity on Sunday? Today on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur, John continues his study . . . The Sabbath and Why We Worship on Sunday. He’ll lay out biblical principles for you to consider when you’re filling out your Sunday schedule.

Does the Doctrine of Divine Election Eliminate Human Will, Part 2

If you’re a Christian . . . how did you get saved? Did God choose you . . . or are you responsible for your response to the gospel message . . . or both? It’s a question folks have debated for thousands of years. Hear more, today on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Ordinary Church

Church growth gurus often use words like . . . extreme . . . radical . . . revolutionary . . . and insist that your church needs to find a way to appeal to peoples’ desire for extraordinary experiences. But John MacArthur shows you why it’s best to be ordinary, today on GRACE TO YOU.

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