The Abomination of Desolation, Part 2

Throughout history many groups have claimed to know the exact date of the Lord’s return ... but were wrong. Of course, Jesus said that no one but the Father knows the hour of the second coming. But there are events that establish a general time frame . . . and John MacArthur’s going to look at one of those events today on GRACE TO YOU with John Mac…read more

The Abomination of Desolation, Part 1

Well, if there’s one area of Bible knowledge you’ve never mastered, it may be . . . figuring out the order of end-times events. Really, though, keeping the events straight is within your reach—the chronology is there in the book of Matthew, and you can get a handle on it. John MacArthur is showing you that in his current study, here on GRACE TO YOU titled . . .Jesus is Coming!

The Signs of Christ’s Coming, Part 3b

The Lord’s return, and all the end-time events you read about in Scripture, are certainties you need to prepare for. Question is,how do you prepare? And why should you not want to be around when Christ returns? Questions to keep in mind today on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Signs of Christ’s Coming, Part 3a

We all can learn from the ant where emergency preparedness and saving for a rainy day is concerned.But preparing your soul for the future . . . that’s an entirely different matter. Today on GRACE TO YOU,John MacArthur helps you understand why it’s so urgent that you be prepared for eternity.

The Signs of Christ’s Coming, Part 2b

On this edition of GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur, he will help you prepare for the future by looking at the signs of Christ’s return in a series he calls Jesus Is Coming!Tune in to Grace to You.

The Signs of Christ’s Coming, Part 2a

You don’t know how long you are going to live. What’s more, you don’t know when Christ will return,either. That calls for a different approach to day-to-day life . . . living with a sense of expectation.Today’s message on GRACE TO YOU can help you understand why living in expectancy of our Lord’s return is crucial to living the life God desires.

The Signs of Christ’s Coming, Part 1b

Imagine how your priorities would change if a doctor called and said . . . that you only had a month to live. Well, the next half hour may have a similar priority-changing effect. Stay here as John MacArthur continues the study he began yesterday on GRACE TO YOU . . . a look at history that’s yet to unfold, titled. . .Jesus Is Coming

The Signs of Christ’s Coming, Part 1a

Scripture says that only God knows the hour of Christ’s return. But you can know how to prepare for His return . . . as well as know what exactly will happen when He comes back. You’ll start digging into those details as John MacArthur begins a study today on GRACE TO YOU titled . . .Jesus is Coming!

The Doctrine of Salvation, Assurance, Part 2

Do you have assurance that you’re saved for good . . . that if you have received salvation, there is no way that you could lose it? Helping you settle that question is what our current study is all about—John MacArthur calls this study . . .Eternal Security.

The Doctrine of Salvation, Assurance, Part 1

Can a believer ever forfeit his salvation, say, by denying Jesus? What about the unpardonable sin Jesus talks about in Matthew 12? Can a believer commit that sin? Bottom line,is there any way you can lose your salvation? John MacArthur’s tackling that question head on GRACE TO YOU.

The Security of Salvation, Part 3b

Shortly after the Reformation, one leading Cardinal in the Catholic Church wrote, “The greatest of all protestant heresies is . . . assurance.” But if you’re a Christian, if you have believed the gospel, you can have unshakeable confidence you’ll spend eternity with God.John MacArthur explains why on GRACE TO YOU.

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