A Plan for Your Family - God’s vs. the World’s, Part 1a

The family is the fundamental unit in society . . . and God is the designer of the family. He knows how families work best. So, how can you make sure your family is working the way God designed it? Find out on GRACE TO YOU as John MacArthur launches his study . . .The Fulfilled Family.

The Motives of One Who Forgives

Mitsuo Fuchida (meet-SOO-oh Foo-SHEE-duh)led Japan’s aerial assault on Pearl Harbor on December7, 1941. After the war he heard about a woman who treated Japanese prisoners with kindness and love—even though the Japanese had killed her parents. This sparked Fuchida’s interest in the gospel,and eventually led to his salvation. A key factor in his conversion, was the complete forgiveness he saw demonstrated by Christians. Hear more from John MacArthur on GRACE TO YOU.

The Actions of One Who Forgives, Part 2

What if a person needs your forgiveness again and again . . . commits the same offense—over and over?Is there a limit on how forgiving you can be—and should be? On GRACE TO YOU John MacArthur shows you what the Bible says about mending broken relationships . . . and what your view of forgiveness says about your relationship with God.

The Actions of One Who Forgives, Part 1

If someone were attacking you and a policeman arrived on the scene . . . you’d expect the officer to protect you . . . stop the attack . . . and arrest your assailant. Similarly, there’s a certain reaction that’s expected,even demanded, of you—not just when you’re wronged—but also when you wrong someone else. What is it?John MacArthur answers that on GRACE TO YOU.

The Characteristics of One Who Forgives, Part 2

There will probably be many times in your life when a friend or family member—someone you trust—does something that costs you money, embarrassment . . . even real pain. How should you respond when that happens? Are there some sins you just shouldn’t—or can’t—forgive?Find out,on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Characteristics of One Who Forgives, Part 1

On the next GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur examines the issue of forgiveness-the title of his new study. It will help you see what a forgiving person looks like, and also lays out the expectations God puts on you to restore relationships that have broken down . . . and walks you through the actual process of restoration.Hear more from John MacArthur on Grace to You.

A Living Lesson on Forgiveness, Part 2

It’s a sad truth . . . the fact that even those youlove most will—at times—let you down . . . and their sinwill bring you hardship and pain. So how should you respond? Are there some sins you should not—orcannot—forgive?John MacArthur shows you how to mend those relationships in his study titled . . .Forgiveness.

A Living Lesson on Forgiveness, Part 1

It has the power to preserve your marriage . . . keep your church from splitting . . . rescue a discarded friendship. I’m talking about forgiveness. And on GRACE TO YOU John MacArthur’s going to launch a series on that key aspect of Christian living. It’s simply titled . . .Forgiveness.

Amazement at the Empty Tomb

Today—Good Friday—is a day of sorrow for many people . . . as they mourn the shame and unspeakable suffering Jesus endured at the cross. Yet what followed His enormous sacrifice is so remarkable—so monumental—only the sinless Son of God could accomplish it. And it’s the reason that sorrow and mourning give way to joy. Hear more, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

How God Buried His Son

On GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur will show you the supernatural nature of Christ’s burial. It’s part of a study designed to deepen your understanding of the most important event in history. The title of this study . . . The Divine Drama of Redemption.

God Visits Calvary, PT 2

It’s a tragic scene . . .the King of the universe hanging on a Roman cross . . .many of the people He came to save demanding his death.Yet, as John MacArthur continues his look at The Divine Drama of Redemption on GRACE TO YOU,he’ll show you that many in the crowds changed their views . . .believing Jesus was God’s Son.Why the sudden transformation?Find out, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

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