Giving Thanks in Everything

How should you respond when something good happens . . . you get a promotion at work, you get engaged, your first child is born? What about when bad things happen . . . you lose your job, face family crisis, or the doctor says you have cancer? Here’s a hint . . . God wants the same response. Hear more, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Praying Unceasingly, Part 2

We’ve all had those moments where we close our eyes and start to pray. But then we get distracted by the day’s schedule . . . tomorrow’s meeting . . . next week’s vacation. It can sometimes be a battle to pray for more than just a few minutes. So how do you build a consistent habit of prayer—a life of prayer that will strengthen your church? Find out, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Praying Unceasingly, Part 1

It’s said that nothing is discussed more, and practiced less, than prayer. Of course, that’s not to say Christians aren’t committed to prayer. But we’d all have to admit to failures in meeting the biblical standard for prayer. And what is that standard? Well, as the apostle Paul put it, you’re to . . .pray without ceasing.Hear more, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Rejoicing Always, Part 2

The world is currently unsettled in many ways. People find themselves not only disappointed in the direction of politics but in the state of culture as a whole. But—if you’re a Christian—you’re commanded to rejoice always—even when your circumstances—political, cultural, or otherwise—are bleak. How does this “rejoice always” thing work? Find out, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Rejoicing Always, Part 1

If the Bible says, “Rejoice always”—and that’s exactly what it says—does it also explain how to pull that off? What does it take to be joyful, content—even thankful—in a less-than-joyful situation . . . maybe one you’re facing right now? Hear more, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Dealing with Problem People, Part 2

They constantly criticize the preaching. They’re never satisfied with the music or, really, with any part of the worship service. Every church has one or two—maybe more—people like that. Those who make life difficult for everyone else in the congregation. What does the Bible say about those folks? How should you respond to them? Find out on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Dealing with Problem People, Part 1

On the next GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur is continuing his look at . . .The Bible-Driven Church. He will be focusing on how to honor Christ in the way you minister to people in your church who might not be so easy to love. It’s a message titled . . . “Dealing with Problem People.”

The Sheep’s Responsibility, Part 2

There are countless books, articles, and conferences aimed at helping pastors strengthen and build up the people in their congregations. But there are very few, if any resources, on how church members can strengthen and build up their pastors.On GRACE TO YOU,John MacArthur’s going to look at how you can bless your church leaders.

The Sheep’s Responsibility, Part 1

You probably know John F. Kennedy’s famous words from his inauguration: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Well, bouncing off those words consider something that’s really far more important . . . not what your church can do for you, but what you can do for your church. Hear more, on GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur.

The Shepherd’s Responsibility, Part 2

When you’re talking about drawing folks to church you need to ask this question: What does Scripture say about the purpose of the local church? What are the biblical essentials churches must practice, no matter the demands of the culture? John’s going to help answer those questions on the next GRACE TO YOU.

The Shepherd’s Responsibility, Part 1

Maybe you’ve heard business gurus talk about the importance of having a mission statement that spells out why your organization exists . . . what your goals are. That in mind . . . what should the mission statement of your church be? What does Scripture say? Consider that as John MacArthur kicks off his study called . . .The Bible-Driven Church. . . here on GRACE TO YOU.

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