The Christian’s Responsibility to Government, Part 2b

Say that your government misuses tax revenue . . . makes laws based on political correctness, not morality . . . and tends to deal harshly with its critics. How can submitting to a government like that further your Christian testimony? Wouldn’t it be better—make a stronger statement—to protest against, and even disobey, government actions that dis…read more

The Christian’s Responsibility to Government, Part 2a

It’s been said that resistance to tyrants is obedience to God. Well, that could be true, depending on the circumstances—for example if the government commands you to do something that violates Scripture,you need to obey God, not man. But if you live in a democratic republic, like the United States, how can you honor God with your vote? And how should you respond to a government whose policies are opposed to God’s Word? Find out, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Christian’s Responsibility to Government, Part 1b

You’ve heard of Nero . . . the first-century Roman emperor who outlawed Christianity and murdered thousands of believers. What did the apostle Paul—who lived in that society—say about the Roman government? How do his words apply to you today . . . no matter what kind of government you live under? Find out on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Christian’s Responsibility to Government, Part 1a

When legislators pass laws that run counter to Scripture—what should you do? And how much priority should you place on political activism? Bottom line, what’s a Christian’s responsibility to government? Find out,on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Bible Questions and Answers, Part 22

From time to time, John MacArthur—pastor, author, and the featured Bible teacher here on GRACE TO YOU—will set aside an evening service to answer questions from his congregation at Grace Community Church. Well, today you get to listen in on one of those Q&A sessions—stay here as John answers questions that, more than likely, you have had as you’ve studied God’s Word.That’s on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Empty Hearts, Part 2

It has been said the easiest person to deceive is yourself. And there is no deception with greater consequences than to think you’re a Christian when, truth is, you’re not. That’s a deception that not only affects your life today . . . it determines your eternity. So . . . where do you stand? Hear more from John MacArthur, on GRACE TO YOU.

Empty Hearts, Part 1

You hear the gospel and pray the sinner’s prayer. You faithfully serve your church. And you tell others about Christ. Yet one day, you stand before the God you claim to know . . . and find out, to your horror,that He doesn’t know you! How could that possibly happen? John MacArthur answers that on GRACE TO YOU.

Salvation Survey, Part 2

In baseball, even the best hitters can be tricked by a good pitcher. And you know, even a sharp person can be fooled about salvation—convinced he’s a Christian when, really, he’s not. So how can you make sure that’s not you—how can you be certain you’re going to heaven? What are the marks of a true Christian? John MacArthur is looking at all those crucial issues on this edition of GRACE TO YOU.

Salvation Survey, Part 1

There are many today who are absolutely certain they have received salvation when, the fact is, they’re deceived . . . they’re going through the motions, and fooling everyone—including themselves. Might that describe you? What does the Bible say is the main difference between true and false Christians? Find out on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Four Ways to Miss Heaven

On this edition of GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur discusses “Four Ways to Miss Heaven.” He is going to show you the horrible consequences of sin . . . consequences you’ll face if you miss out on heaven. It’s a critical conclusion to his series called . . .The Sinfulness of Sin.

Man’s Biggest Problem

What is it that God hates more than anything? The answer, simply, is . . .sin. Any sin large or small, is rebellion against God.If you fail to forgive someone or if you have a bad attitude, is that just as serious—is it the same kind of rebellion against God—as stealing or murder is? How concerned is God about your sinful thoughts compared with your sinful actions? Find out, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

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