How Can We Live the Christian life?

What gives life purpose and meaning? What is the meaning of life? Why would it matter to answer it correctly?

The Holy Spirit

While we know we need to live the Christian life, why is it that we can't seem to do it?

The Power of Prayer

Why would someone who knew all things and could do all things spend any time, let alone lots of time, praying? What really is prayer?

The Persevering Christian Life

Have you ever felt frustrated in living out a fruitful Christian life? You know, not living the way you know you ought to live, doing what you ought to do and avoiding doing what we know we should not do? What can we do about it?

Our Physical Assets

If your body is the temple of God, what shape is it in? What shape should it be in?

Our Mental Assets

How do we know if we have a sound Christian mind? Today's episode deals with the answer to this question?

Our Emotional Assets

What must it really be like to live with you? Ever wonder that? What would it really be like? What could be done about it?

Choosing Joy Over Depression

Many men battle depression although only a few men realize it. Why do so few men realize what depression is? What works in dealing with depresssion?

Our Social Assets

Life can be hard. Does a guy really have to go it alone? What would be the benefits to having one or two guys to be open and transparent with?

Commitment and Communication in Marriage

How would you describe the state of your marriage: great, good, okay or bad? What would your spouse say to the same question? How does one go about improving it?

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