Caring for the Hurting

What role does compassion play in the life of a Christian? Who would be great examples of compassionate people?

Adult Children of Divorce Introduction - Part 1

How does a divorce by one's parents affect the children of those divorced? If your parents are divorced, do you know what to look for in your own life that really is residue from the divorce?

Adult Children of Divorce Introduction - Part 2

Why is it that adult children of parental divorce struggle with close relationships that last?

Anger – Part 1

Why is anger often connected to parental divorce?

Anger – Part 2

What are the effective ways we can overcome our anger?

Father Hunger

Why should this episode follow immediately after the episode dealing with anger? What actually is "Father Hunger"? What to do about it if you have it in your life?

Anxiety in Light of Divorce

Since adult children of divorced parents have a higher percentage of divorce in their own marriage, what can be done to break the cycle?

Forgiveness – Part 1

What is someone, who is standing in the shadow of an offense they didn't commit, to do? How are parental divorce and forgiveness related?

Forgiveness – Part 2

Why is granting forgiveness so hard? What is forgiveness? What is mistakenly called forgiveness?


How does one handle the complex situations which come years later as a result of divorce? What is meant by "boundaries" and how can they be of help to you? What are four steps to healthy boundaries?

Giving Sounds Good

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