Improving Marriage Through Love and Respect

Do you feel that your marriage is not as good as it used to be? Do you feel that it will never be that good again? Do you realize that the best days of your marriage can still be ahead for you? The Kent shares how in today's episode.

Parenting Out of Identity

In US prisons, 85% of the prisoners grew up in fatherless homes. What are the three gifts a father can give their children which will help them most in their lives?

Parenting Out of Confidence

When you hear the word "confidence", what comes to your mind? How do you really get it? How can we give it to our children?

From Isolation to Relationship

Jim, Pete and John were planning to plant a church. But one day Pete got the idea to speak out in public and all of a sudden, there were thousands of people looking to them as church leaders. What to do?

The Christian Calling

Do we have to serve Jesus like John Wesley and preach thousands of sermons in our lifetime or can we serve Jesus in a grocery store? What is the Christian Calling?

The Christian World View

Why is it important to not only have an understanding of world views, but to have a correct understanding and embrace of the Christian World View?

The Kingdom Mentality

For those who live in a democracy, how can they/we come to understand a "Kingdom Mentality"? What does it mean to have a "Kingdom Mentality"?

Methods of Evangelism

How does God bring people to Himself? What are His ways? What did God give to you that no one can take away from you even though you can share it?

The Christian Lifestyle

How will we respond to the increasing hostility we see towards Christianity?

Our Work

What is the proper perspective on work? What does God think about our jobs?

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