How to Find God

Where have you looked for God?

How to Talk to a Man...or a Woman

What Price Would You Pay for Your Faith?

Are you willing to pay for the ultimate price for your faith?

How to Handle Hard Things

Keeping your eyes on God, not the fiery trial or the responsible person, is the only solution to handling problems.

How God Uses Human Failure

God uses human failure to accomplish what He wants done in your life.

Can You Have Church at Home?

The Church, as set forth in the New Testament, is people and not a place.

Have You Given Up on Church?

Church is where the Spirit of God should always be welcome and at work!

How Do You Deal with Emotional Distress?

There is a better way to deal with emotional distress than medicating it or running away!

Can God Change the Human Heart?

Can God change the human heart?

What Your Heart and God Have to Do with Each Other

Do people know what is deep in your heart or is it all about projection?

How to Fix a Broken Heart

Poets talk about it. Lovers sing about it. And doctors try to keep it healthy.

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