Forgiven Once and For All

When you've asked God for forgiveness--and He forgave you as promised in the Bible--did you actually accept it?

Important Enough!

Let's put the importance of life into perspective.


Do you believe that waiting is doing "nothing"?

Influencing Your Grandchildren

Six ways to impact your children's children!

You are Special--Oh Yeah?

Are we special or important in God's eyes?

The Quest for More

Let's look at five guidelines that will help guard against greed.

Keep on Going

A reminder to not let life's darkness obscure heaven's light!

When You Pass Through the Waters

Some reassuring words from God that allow us to rest in an imperfect world.

The Hidden Codes of the Bible

A reminder not to waste time looking for hidden secrets in the Bible, but, rather, focus on clear biblical truth.

The Bad News Gospel of Judas

Let's review some facts regarding the supposed Gospel of Judas.

God's Word in Africa

Did you know that God has been at work in Africa since the continent was created?

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