Lest We Forget

We are so consumed with the immediate, that we have never learned what we should remember.

The Kids that Counted the Cost

Have you personally counted the cost of your faith in Jesus?

Are You Living with a God Substitute?

Only knowing God personally will you be satisfied!

7 Steps to Protecting Your Child from a Sexual Predator

How do you, as a parent, protect your child from sexual predators?

Why read the Bible?

Owning a Bible won't change you, but reading it will!

What a Way to Go

Matters of life and death are of importance to our Heavenly Father. How about you?

Reconciliation with God

Do you know how you can brought into the family of God?

Can You Believe the Bible?

What is the bottom line when it comes to accepting the Bible as truth?

Teaching Your Kids to be Honest

Do you know why honesty is the best policy?

The Death of Integrity

Let's think about the consequences of dishonesty.

Adopt a Grandparent!

What can grandparents add to the life of a child?

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