Here are Some of the Things God Hates

Do you know the things God hates so you can be consistent with Him?

How Do I Run My Race?

Do you know what it takes to run your race?

You Can Start Fresh Today!

God has a way of changing a person and giving him a new slate!

7 Ways to Make This Year Great

Tomorrow starts today!

What to Do on the Last Day of the Year

Coming to the end of a year is often a cause for reflection--and that can be positive!

Learn How to Face the Future Without Fear

It's human nature to fear what we have not yet experienced, but there is an alternative!

What Does It Mean for God to Bear Our Burdens?

Are your burdens keeping you from being your best?

How to Get Through the Day After

Jesus promises His presence long after the holiday is over and daily life has once again taken over.

God is With Us!

The real meaning of Christmas has the power to drive back even the darkest gloom.

A Christmas Eve Broken Heart

Are you struggling with loss this Christmas? Your Heavenly Father knows the pain of separation!

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