When You Want to Quit

There are three things to do when you're discouraged that you want to quit.

How to Think About Yourself

We can be real about who we are and what God has done for us to others.

Why You Should Hurt When Your Brother Hurts

Are you indifferent to Christians in pain because they live somewhere else in the world?

God's Sure Plan for You

What you may see as chaos, God views as an opportunity.

When Culture Conflicts with Faith

Morality, honesty and decency are not issues that you decide in measures.

How We Got to Moral Chaos

The Christian life must be one of integrity.

Your Prayers Can Start Revival

Your prayers can make "dry bones come alive" again!

What Does Revival Mean?

Draw a chalk mark around yourself and ask God to tell you what revival is all about.

How Do I Reconnect with God?

Find out how you can restore a broken connection!

The Secret to Daily Renewal

Find out how you can avoid your life from becoming a barren wasteland.

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