Start Living for Your Homegoing

The call of home is the one voice heard and respected all the way down the line of life. Where will your final home be?

Does Everyone Go to Heaven?

The place which Christ went to prepare is beautiful beyond description, but the Bible never suggests that everyone will end up there.

What's in Heaven?

With the cross on the horizon, Jesus talked candidly about His death and what lay beyond.

The Only Hope for a Troubled Heart

"Don't let your heart be troubled," Jesus said. Do those words speak to the need of your life?

A Holiday for Atheists

Are you finding yourself in between belief and unbelief?

For This I Am Thankful

Don't let the sin of ingratitude be on your list!


Identifying what you are thankful for and to whom you are thankful for are key ingredients to gratitude.

Going Beyond Saying "Thank You!"

Is there a difference between expressing thanks for something and being genuinely grateful for it?


Do you expect a reward for being faithful?

Give Your Money a Job to Do

How do I want my money to be used when I'm no longer here?

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