Does God Care if I Fail?

Where does the Holy Spirit fit into the plans of a successful life?

Could God Exist, Theoretically?

Do you think that only those who possess a knowledge of all truth in the world could be absolutely certain that God does not really exist?

Remembering You

How do you want to be remembered?

Minutes to Midnight

Are you watching the clock to eternity?

Dialog with God

Prayer is the attitude of your heart that goes beyond verbal expressions.

Love More Powerful than Bullets

The real battle is for the hearts and minds of men!

Serving from a Place of Security

The curse of selfishness can only be overcome by knowing who you are in the sight of God.

Interview with God

If you were to interview God, what would you ask Him?

Do My Prayers Really Reach Heaven?

Just where is the dwelling place of the Father for my prayers to reach Him?

Praying to "Our Father"

It's good to remember the warmth that comes through a personal relationship with God, "Our Father."

Why Should We Give?

Giving is a mark of obedience.

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