Busyness, the Sin No One Criticizes

It's just a matter of deciding who and what is important to you!

God so Loved that He Gave...

Can you do any less for someone struggling when you know that God gave you so much more?

Pleasure that Lasts

Do you want to experience lasting pleasure?

That Imperfect Person You Married

What makes or breaks a marriage, especially when your spouse didn't turn out to be your Prince Charming?

Quick to Listen

Learn how to "be quick to listen, slow to speak," as the apostle James taught.


Do you know how to pray about absolutely everything because you know God promised His supply?

What You Have to Be to Get There

Do you know how to get to heaven if you died today?

The Lord Needs It

Whatever God asks of you to give to Him, be sure that it will be used to its highest potential for eternity!

"What Do These Stones Mean?"

Do you have a special remembrance of God's goodness that would help start a conversation?

Ten Ways to Reduce Stress

Here are practical and biblical ways to live a stress-free life.

What are You Looking At?

Learning to look to Christ will help you never to be discouraged by your circumstances.

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