The Bridegroom

Summer is a season for many weddings, especially the month of June. Have you ever thought of the Bible’s analogy that we the Church are the Bride of Christ and Jesus is our bridegroom who loves and cherishes us as His people

Get a Grip on Aging

When we think of our retirement years, we often dream of slowing down and taking life at a calmer pace as health permits. However, followers of Jesus are always on call as they minister to others. Join us as we glean some understanding on this subject from a Old Testament psalmist.

Get a Grip on Love

When we say we love something or someone, what do we really mean? Is loving a movie the same as loving a favorite close friend or your child? The Bible says, “Now abide faith, hope, and love, but the greatest is love.” Let’s talk about its meaning in our message.

Get a Grip on Witnessing

One of the more anxious parts of being a Christian is sharing one’s faith. Whether it is the fear of being offensive or being rejected, we often look for more subtle ways to witness. However, the world is full of people who need to hear the Gospel and be assured of their eternal reward. Join us as we learn how to get armed and be dangerous for Jesus Christ.

The Supreme Sacrifice

Who is so precious and important to you that you would die to protect them or to win their hearts. Who is so precious that you would sacrifice everything you have to save them or rescue them from danger. that's what love does. love sacrifices for the sake of others. Let’s talk about that.

Get a Grip on Contentment

What does it take to make us happy? A lot of money? Athletic ability? Popularity? Talent? We often hear of people with these things and yet are miserable. So how can we find true contentment? In this week’s message, we are going to talk about what the Apostle Paul says is his secret for being content in all situations.

Get a Grip on Parenting

St. Timothy was blessed with a mother and a grandmother who loved him and wanted him to trust Jesus. Maybe you were too. On this special day, we celebrate parents who have answered the high calling to raise their children to serve Jesus Christ, perhaps the greatest challenge we will ever face.

Jesus’ Big Idea

When Jesus announced the kingdom of God had arrived, His message rang with great hope of better days ahead. Yet, many were disappointed to learn their interpretation of His message was not what Jesus was about. Let’s talk about “Jesus’ Big Idea,” for us in today’s program.

He Wants You to Follow Him

Who do you follow? Is it a favorite columnist, author, or your facebook friends? Maybe a musician, an actor, or a politician. It may be surprising to know some one has been seeking you and desperately wants you to join to Him on adventure. Let’s learn more!

Fishing Lessons

When Jesus called His disciples to follow Him, He promised to make them “fishers of people.” This was a new concept, and they must have felt anxious at the thought of leaving the familiar. Let’s learn what those disciples experienced as they began this new life with Jesus, and how we can minister to the world around us for the kingdom of God.

A New Heart

Has your heart ever been broken? Have you ever been discouraged to the point of wanting to give up? Maybe you are becoming more and more cynical about life. Your heart is aloof and detached, lacking in compassion. You need a new heart vessel. Let's talk about it.

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