Be Careful With Money and Possessions

In the Parable of the Rich Fool, Jesus warns against storing up treasures for ourselves. On the day our life is demanded of us, all our earthly riches will no longer be irrelevant. Titles will no longer impress. It won't matter what cars sat in our garage. What will matter is if we have a real life with God. Let's learn what does it mean to be "ric…read more

Stories for Christian Pessimists

Sometimes when we look at the world with all its problems and darkness, it seems like evil is winning. The score is 12 to 0 and all is lost. But Jesus tells us to not let the scoreboard fool us. In response to this kind of discouragement, Jesus offers a reassuring pep talk in some parables about the kingdom of God

Get a Grip on Soul Care

We live in a busy world surrounded by "smart" technology, keeping our minds on high-alert status. People constantly check their cell phones and portable devices for messages and updates. The time comes when our body, our mind, and our soul need refreshing. Join us as we learn how to find renewal for our weary souls.

This Is Us - We Are the Body

What does church membership mean to you? Many churches are weak because its members have turned the meaning of membership upside down in their minds. It's time to get it right in the local church, so let's talk about membership and what it means for the Christian.

Deeper Joy Can Be Yours

Are you lacking joy in your life? Not just momentary happiness, but true, lasting joy? If so, we have some great news for you - God's desire is for you to have a deeper joy than you've ever known. The apostle John wants us to know this and he reveals it to us in today's message. Please join us.

Jesus, Fulfiller of God's Word

Have you ever had someone make a promise to you, and you couldn't wait for them to bring you what they promised? When God told the world that He would someday send a Savior, the world couldn't wait until He had fulfilled that promise.

You Matter

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you matter. You have been given a new status. You are holy, and God has big plans for your life. Join us for the first message in our new sermon series – Distinct – and learn about those plans.

Live Better Connected to GodÂ’s Word

Our world is filled with many spiritual beliefs that can really confuse us. Yet, one ancient book is extremely well authenticated. Overwhelming evidence supports its reliability. LetÂ’s learn how we can live better lives when we are engaged in GodÂ’s Word.

Taking a Deeper Walk

What does a real Christian look like? Is it someone who is nice, doesn't swear, and goes to church every Sunday? What about the person who quotes Jesus a lot? Stay with us as we learn from the apostle John how to live a deeper walk with our Lord.

He's After People

How did you come to know Jesus? Let's study the story of a man who left behind everything - his livelihood, his business, and his family - to follow Jesus, and learn what then happened in his life.

Distinct in Character

Jesus Christ calls His followers to be distinctly different in our attitudes toward God and others. We're going to discuss this as we study the Beautitudes in our message called: Distinct in Character.

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