Listener Letters: Meeting Each Other's Needs

Sometimes people say the strangest things—and on occasion, they're hurtful. What do you do when the person is your husband? Join us for an insightful and compassionate discussion of this difficult topic.

Feeling Like a Phony

Ron Deal says there's no need to carry around the baggage of your past sins and we should let God deal with it. He talks us through the story of the woman at the well.

Who Isn't Dysfunctional

How can I share the gospel if my family is a mess? Ron Deal reminds us that most of the families featured in Jesus' lineage were dysfunctional, so you're in good company.

Are You a Christian?

Pastor Dean Inserra contrasts the difference between those who say they are a Christian and actual followers of Jesus Christ. Inserra walks us through the list of cultural Christians, and why they are missing the mark.

Christmas and Easter and Other Cultural Christians

Author Dean Inserra reminds us that salvation isn’t a rite of passage, but a response to your understanding to the gospel. Find out what to say to a child when he or she wants to ask Jesus into their heart.

What Is a Cultural Christian?

Author Dean Inserra explains there are plenty of people who claim to be Christians but when it comes to Christ, they are clueless. Inserra talks about the best way to reach people who don’t know they’re lost.

Understanding the Adolescent Shift

Mike Berry explains the shift that happens to kids as they move into adolescence and parents become seemingly secondary to their child’s friends. Berry encourages parents to stay engaged and involved.

The Grace to Forgive

Mike Berry recalls the dark season of his parenting years when his son was out of control and injured another child. Berry tells how being willing to confess and offer grace to forgive is key in winning a child’s heart.

A Mother's Assignment

Linda Weber talks to new moms about their important assignment, encouraging moms to believe what the Scriptures tell them about their role. Find out how a mother’s love impacts a child’s brain.

Making History

Mom, you have a life-giving mission. Linda Weber, an author and mother of three grown sons, reminds moms that their influence makes a big difference both now and in the future.

Why Is He So Touchy?

"Why is he so touchy?" It's a question a lot of wives ask. Shauni Feldhahn and Brian Goins dig into this subject and reveal how influential a wife can be as her husband grows into the man God wants him to be.

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