Hope for Dealing With Triggers In Marriage

Triggers in marriage can take many forms —like financial differences, not feeling loved, or intimacy problems —but there’s hope! On FamilyLife Today, Guy and Amber Lia share with hosts Dave and Ann Wilson valuable insight on communication and the fulfillment we find in Christ.

Breaking the Cycle of Fighting

How can we be outward focused and winsome to our friends and neighbors if we are constantly fighting each other? What needs to happen to break the cycle? On FamilyLife Today, Guy and Amber Lia speak to hosts Dave and Ann Wilson about how to deal with conflict and reflect Christ’s love to one another.

Triggers In Marriage

Why are some of our biggest triggers exposed in our marriage relationship, and what do we do about them? Join hosts Dave and Ann Wilson as they discuss with Guy and Amber Lia real-life examples of hurt and healing, on FamilyLife Today.

Hospitality In the Hard Times

There are times, like during the pandemic, when it’s challenging to figure out how to show hospitality. On FamilyLife Today Morgan Tyree explains that knowing one’s hospitality gifting can help build strong connection with others and even pull together the rest of the family.

Understanding Your Hospitality Personality

Hospitality is meant for the purpose of “loving our neighbor,” but often we can overcomplicate it and feel overwhelmed. On FamilyLife Today, hosts Dave and Ann Wilson interview Morgan Tyree about how learning our “hospitality personality” frees us from stress so that we can bless others.

Receiving God's Forgiveness In Parenting

We may never have award-winning memories of being the greatest of parents, but often the guilt and shame of our parenting mistakes can haunt us. How can we keep from being sidelined? On FamilyLife Today, listen as Dave and Ann Wilson share wisdom about recognizing Satan’s schemes and embracing God’s forgiveness.

The Aim of Our Legacy

In the Bible, children are referred to as “arrows in the hand of a warrior,” and arrows are meant to be pointed at something and released. What’s our target? Join hosts Dave and Ann Wilson on FamilyLife Today as they discuss building a legacy with a strategic aim.

Surrendering to God's Plan For My Kids

As parents, we often think about the future and what expectations and dreams we have for our children. But how do we balance our desires for their good with surrendering their lives to the One who created them? On FamilyLife Today, hosts Dave and Ann Wilson give insight on having plans for our kids, while understanding God has a bigger one.

Radically Ordinary Hospitality

In today's world, it's easy to doubt we have what it takes to reach our neighbors for Christ. Chris and Elizabeth McKinney debunk that myth and about discovering God's purpose for where He's placed us.


We know we are to "love our neighbors," but what does it look like to love the actual neighbors who live around us? Authors, Chris and Elizabeth McKinney explain how to practice the art of neighboring.

For Everything There Is a Season

Did you know that there are different seasons common to all marriages? Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe talk about the patterns all couples face, the ups and downs, and how it's all worth fighting for.

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