Understanding Gen Z

Each generation is different from the one before it. Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace, co-authors of the book, "So the Next Generation Will Know," tell us about the unique ways Gen Z—those born between 1995 and 2015—differs from their parents and grandparents. They encourage moms and dads to work at connecting with their kids and answering the q…read more

Fathers and a Thriving Faith

Will my kids abandon the faith? Authors Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace realize this is a question on the heart of parents. While there are a lot of factors that lead to a child's thriving faith, hear what studies have shown to be the number one factor to a thriving faith, on FamilyLife Today.

Applauding the Good

None of us is good at everything. Why, then, do we expect our kids to be? Authors Brandon and Analyn Miller, parents of seven children, changed their parenting strategy 10 years into the parenting journey. Hear what they realized about their kids when they parented to their strengths rather than their weaknesses, on FamilyLife Today.

Training a Child in the Way They Should Go

Every parent wants a recipe for raising the perfect child. But each child is different and must be parented according to their strengths. Today on the broadcast, Brandon and Analyn Miller, remind us it's our job to find out what is unique about each of our children. We need to become students of our children to discover who God made them to be.

The Truth That Can Change Lives

Jennifer Lyell has taught children about Jesus for years in her Sunday school class. Lyell tells how one little boy in particular, Job, touched her heart and convicted her of the importance of teaching God's truth to the youngest among us.

A Book Children Can Grasp

At what age can children start understanding the Scriptures? Jennifer Lyell assures listeners that children as young as three years old can understand simple concepts of the Bible.

Find Your Identity in Christ

Like many men, Cory Carlson found great success and meaning climbing the corporate ladder. But when he put too much focus on his career and not enough attention on his wife, he almost lost his marriage.

Coming Clean

By all appearances, businessman Cory Carlson had it all – a lucrative career, an impressive home, and a beautiful wife. He also had a secret. Hear what happened when he told his wife, and where their marriage is today.

What Do I Do If My Wife Doesn't Trust Me?

What happens when marital trust is broken? Brian Goins, Shaunti Feldhahn, and Ann Wilson talk about when a wife distrusts her husband and her heart turns cold, and how a husband can rebuild trust with his wife.

From Mess to Mission

After dating only five months, and finding out they were expecting, Tim and Kathy Bush got married. They tell how they went from being self-focused to experiencing a Christ-focused marriage.

A Camp With a Purpose

Susan Yates and her husband wanted a way they could invest in their grandchildren and strengthen the relationships between cousins. With that, Cousin's Camp was born. Yates talks about how preparing ahead and being intentional help to make camp days a suc

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