Not Part of the Plan

When life’s detours are not part of the plan, how do you deal? Authors Kristen Clark & Bethany Beal get disappointment and longing—and the search for hope.

When Being a Mom is Hard

Is it possible to thrive in the mundane—when being a mom is hard? Author Liz Wann talks rest, critical camaraderie, & making disciples in simple moments.

The End of Me

Is motherhood stripping you clean? Author Liz Wann knows the pain of reaching limits. Here’s how being a mom both tears us down & rebuilds us like Jesus.

Serious Fun, Each Day Counts

The benefit of "fun" is often overlooked when we consider how to build healthy stepfamily relationships. But Ron Deal's podcast guest, Dr. Jim Burns, says it's an important piece that can help connect relationships. Listen to their conversation about why and how intentional play can benefit your family.

Lifelong Love that Fights the Drift

Feeling the drift in your marriage? Author Gary Thomas explores how intimacy with God helps us go the distance in marriage and fight for lifelong love.

A Lifelong Love

Could closeness with God breathe passion in your marriage? Author Gary Thomas helps you chase down spiritual purpose for closeness that lasts a lifetime.

Parenting Kids When You're Far From Perfect

When it comes to raising kids—what if perfection isn’t the goal? Dave & Ann Wilson dive into the monumental task of parenting kids right here, right now.

Learning How to Parent

Learning how to parent can feel part adventure, part battle, part dumpster fire. Dave & Ann Wilson have your back with solid advice & practical application.

How to Parent This Unique Child

To raise your unique child, recognize your particular wiring. Bill Hendricks & his sister Bev explore how to parent through the lens of your giftedness.

Your Child is Different. Here's Why it Matters

Are you producing a product or parenting a person? Bill Hendricks and Bev Hendricks Godby help you craft an individualized approach for your unique child.

Helping Your Unique Child Thrive

How’s your child different than every other? Rather than crank out a product, Bill Hendricks & his sister Bev equip you to help your particular child thrive.

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