Dangerous Territory: Spreading the Gospel

Amy Peterson tells how she tried to satisfy her sense of wanderlust by serving as a teacher in Southeast Asia. During her time there she also saw her thinking change.

Dangerous Territory: A Unique Look at Missions

As a child, Amy Peterson read tales of brave missionaries and longed to serve God in an extraordinary way, too. She talks about what it was like to serve God in Southeast Asia.

A Practical Guide to Culture: The Culture and Our Kids

Do your kids know how to think critically? John Stonestreet talks about hot button issues of our culture and teaches parents how to engage their kids around these topics.

A Practical Guide to Culture: Thinking Clearly About the Culture

Today's youth are bombarded by information, yet they lack the tools to discern and navigate the cultural waters. John Stonestreet believes kids need to rely on their parents to help them distinguish lies from truth.

A Practical Guide to Culture: Why Culture Matters

John Stonestreet tells how advancements are changing our society for the good and bad. Stonestreet reminds listeners we aren't the first generation to face a broken culture.

Telling Stories to Children: Reading to Children

Author Sally Lloyd-Jones tells about her calling as a children's author and stresses the importance of reading and connecting with children.

Telling Stories to Children: God Breaking Into History

Sally Lloyd-Jones gets us in the spirit of the holidays by recalling the Christmases of her youth in Africa and England. Her book, "Song of the Stars," recounts the birth of Christ.

The Broken Way: Giving It Forward

Ann Voskamp talks about the thrill of "giving it forward." Whether it's through a smile, a financial blessing, or a cup of cold water, we can always find ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

The Broken Way: Ditching the Bucket List

Ann Voskamp talks about the meaninglessness of creating a bucket list with exotic places to visit when God calls believers to empty their bucket on others by showering them with love and good deeds.

The Broken Way: Giving Thanks in Difficult Places

Ann Voskamp talks about the blessing of thanking God in the hard times. She reminds us that God loves us in and through our brokenness, and it is from that place that we can give thanks most powerfully.

Resolving Conflict: Love Is Patient

Lou Priolo, biblical counselor and author of "Resolving Conflict," reminds us that when facing conflict, nothing is more important than patience.

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