Relationships With Adults

Josh Burnette and Pete Hardesty encourage young men to build a healthy relationship with their parents, and advises parents to listen and be there for their teens.

What's My Purpose?

Josh Burnette and Pete Hardesty have a heart for seeing young men grow into adulthood. Burnette and Hardesty also give insight to the most important question: "What is my purpose?"

The Impact of Divorce

Authors Dave and Ann Wilson talk to Ron Deal about the impact divorce can have on a person’s life. The Wilsons share how the divorce impacted Dave’s ability to resolve conflict in a healthy way.

The Emotional Side of Divorce

Dave and Ann Wilson, talk to Ron Deal about the hard realities of his parents’ divorce when he was seven years old. Hear firsthand how divorce impacts a child.

Teens are Not Adults... Yet

Brian and Angela Haynes, author of the book, "Relentless Parenting," remind parents that their teens are not adults.

Pursuing the Heart of Your Teen

Pastor Brian Haynes and his wife, Angela, explain what it means to relentlessly pursue your teen's heart. Angela recalls one tense time between her and her daughter after a family move.

Family Rules

Karis Kimmel Murray tells how granting forgiveness is the #1 rule of the Murray household, followed closely by "be brave and face your fears, especially when you do the hard thing."

Embracing the Good Enough Parent

Karis Kimmel Murray shares how her five-year plan was upended seven months into marriage when she discovered she was pregnant. Murray tells how she and her husband adjusted to life's surprises.

What Is Grace?

Karis Kimmel Murray explains that grace is giving something not necessarily deserved. Murray illustrates what it's like to let grace define your relationships even when the other person disappoints you.

Bullies, Bullied, and Bystanders

Jonathan McKee reminds us that every child is either the bully, bullied, or a bystander. McKee advises parents to discuss proper phone usage early on with their kids.

The Burden of Being Bullied

Author Jonathan McKee knows a thing or two about bullying. McKee was bullied throughout his school years and gives wise advice on how to handle the bullies in your child's life.

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