"We're All in Recovery": Scott Sauls

From his own darkness, Scott Sauls chose to share his shame and fear—and discovered we’re all in recovery. Beautiful people, he says, don’t just happen.

Staring Regret in the Face: Scott Sauls

What do you do when regret, fear, and hurt feel like more than you can lift? Scott Sauls gets real about his—and a God who shoulders our greatest shame.

How to Instill Faith that Endures: John Marriott

The statistics on deconversion can be downright scary for parents. Dr. John Marriott offers research-based tips for shaping a faith that endures.

Recipe for Disaster: John Marriott on Deconversion

Why are so many walking away from the faith? Professor John Marriott identifies four ways churches and parents unwittingly contribute to deconversion.

"Help! Someone I Love is Deconstructing their Faith": John Marriott

When someone you care about is deconstructing, your pain and fear is real. Dr. John Marriott extends genuine help for trying to prevent faith loss.

Walking with Someone through Deconstruction: John Marriott

Walking with someone through faith deconstruction? Dr. John Marriott helps you understand what’s going on, navigate wisely, and love deeply.

What to Know about a Faith Crisis: John Marriott

When someone’s losing their faith, what do they—or those who love them—need to know? Dr. John Marriott digs into the real culprits in faith crisis.

Showing Up with the Grace Your Marriage Craves: David & Meg Robbins

Your spouse has questions: “Am I enough? What happens when I seriously blow it?” David Robbins and wife Meg explore ushering grace into everyday marriage.

Wowing Your Blended Family with What They Need Most: Ron Deal

Could grace, played out in the nitty-gritty, revolutionize your stepfamily? Counselor Ron Deal chats about how to pull undeniable grace into real life.

A Grace-filled Home: 5 Ideas, with Dane Ortlund

Want ideas for a grace-filled home? Bestselling author Dave Ortlund offers real-life ways to marinate your family in God’s scandalous, subversive kindness.

Surprised by Jesus: Dane Ortlund

Ready to be surprised by Jesus? Bestselling author Dane Ortlund reflects on subversive grace as it uniquely emerges in each of the four Gospels.

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