Ending the Commercial Sex Trade in France

Lord, we pray for the freeing of the 18,000 women in France’s commercial sex trade, many of whom were forced into prostitution. (Psalm 143:9)

Trafficking Victims in Côte d'Ivoire

We pray, Lord, that all victims of human trafficking in Côte d'Ivoire will have their human dignity restored so they may rediscover the joy of womanhood.

Raising Awareness in Bulgaria

Father, open the eyes of Bulgarians to see the problem of human trafficking. May public-information campaigns, employment and other prevention activities be tools to protect potential victims from these life-threatening mistakes. (Proverbs 2:12)

Wisdom for Liberian Parents

May Liberian parents keep their children safe and not give them up to others who promise to provide the children an education. Many of these children are being sold into trafficking.

Hidden Treasures in Germany

May women working in prostitution in Germany be able to escape with the help of governmental assistance and the godly guidance of the Women of Hope Hidden Treasures series.

Pray for the End of Modern Slavery

Father, we pray for an end to the entire modern slave trade in France, including sexual exploitation, domestic slavery, sweatshop workers and minors forced to work as thieves to help criminal organizations. (Proverbs 14:31)

Grace and Motivation for Christian Workers

Lord, please give Christians great motivation and grace to work with trafficked women. Believers frequently judge these women, who find it hard to adopt to a new lifestyle.

Trafficking During Albanian Tourist Season

Lord, we pray for an end to trafficking in Albania. This nation is a source, transit and destination for men, women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking, especially during the tourist season. (Psalm 82:4)

South Korean Trafficking Laws

Pray for South Korea to properly create human-trafficking laws in accordance with international standards. Lord, protect those who are physically and mentally disabled, so they are not sexually exploited or pressed into forced labor. (Psalm 43:1)

Prayer For the Perpetrators

We pray for the human-trafficking “masters” who control others. Father help them see their wickedness and grant them repentance. You alone have the wisdom to change hearts that are spiritually confused, are following harmful tradition or are religiously misinformed

Hidden Treasures in Hindi and Russian

Praise God that Finnish intercessors are supporting the production of Hidden Treasures in Hindi and Russian via TWR’s national partner Sansa. The production is now available in nine languages and used as a tool to help sex-trafficking victims.

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