Victims Trafficked to Finland

Lord, we thank you that the police are getting more resources to investigate and identify human trafficking in Finland. We are thankful that the law is changed to better help the victims.

Unite Women to Their Families

God, we pray for Paraguayan women who have been deceitfully lured into prostitution in Europe. Please bring them home so they can be united with their families and with you.

Disabled in South Korea

In South Korea, Lord, bring conviction of sin and repentance to those who take advantage of people with intellectual disabilities, beating them and making them work like slaves without fair compensation.

Rest for Forced Laborers

Lord Almighty, we cry out for the Portuguese victims of forced labor. We pray that they will have decent living and working conditions.

Children in Liberia

God, bring a change of heart and attitude in Liberians who traffic children from rural areas to cities, a change that halts these activities. Provide these children with shelter, food, education, and counseling.

Community in Cambodia

Father, heal the minds and hearts of Cambodian women and girls whose families have sold them because of poverty. May they receive help from Christians and find salvation and hope in you.

Former Inmates in Poland

Father, provide freed prisoners in Poland with shelter and employment. Help them avoid illegal work offers that might lead to captivity again.

Human Trafficking in Sweden

During the pandemic, trafficking increased in Sweden because there were no lock-downs and women came from abroad to work in prostitution. Father, we pray for more police resources to combat this situation, for better cooperation between countries and for women who are rescued to receive needed assistance for rehabilitation.

Safety for Tanzanian Women

God, we pray for women living in hardship in Tanzania. They are often attracted to jobs in the Middle East, where some have been mistreated, raped or killed.

Children in the Philippines

Father, children are often trafficked in the Philippines. Please free these children from slavery, heal them and provide them with safe shelter, food, education and hope in you.

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