KM Johnson Davis and Setra Stevenson

Kim Kingsriter and Tammy Pearce Nix

Kim Kingsriter shares how abusive language and drinking in her home rubbed off on her until she was introduced to Jesus and Tammy Pearce Nix will speak about overcoming sexual abuse and later, the loss of her son.

Katie Lacadie

Katie Lacadie was a missionary in Africa for fourteen years and today she works to help other women in the missionary field. She also ministers to prisoners twice weekly in a Texas prison. Katie will share about growing up with a mentally ill mother who underwent a frontal lobotomy. She will tell how, when living with an aunt and uncle, she had to sleep in a dark attic, where she felt afraid and unloved. She will also explain how a broken engagement led her to Christ.

Susie Jennings 2

Susie Jennings is an author, speaker and founder of a worldwide ministry, Operation Care International, a ministry that reaches the homeless and children around the world. Susie is the author of "31 Days of Mountaintop Miracles: One Woman’s Legacy of Unconditional Obedience." She will tell how her husband's suicide led her to unconditional obedience and a call to help the homeless. Susie's annual "Birthday Party for Jesus" at the Dallas Convention Center reaches over 10,000 homeless, and provides food, clothing, toys for the children, grooming services, foot washing and often connects the homeless with their families.

Catherine Burton and Robyn Hunt

Catherine Burton is a licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist. She will discuss some keys for an improved marriage as well as share about how God helped her cope through the loss of her son. Robyn Hunt, who shares her story in two different 12-step programs, will discuss being sexually abused as a child, her two failed marriages because of her first husband's verbal abuse and control, as well as her second husband's pornography addiction. She will also explain how her faith helped her through the death of her youngest son, who struggled with an alcohol addiction.

Kevin Almond

Author Kevin Almond is the President of Living Fire Youth Ministries International. He will share the unusual circumstances surrounding his birth. He will also talk about how being bullied as a child led to getting into the wrong crowd. Eventually God rescued him and that led to a lifetime of service in youth ministry.

Lee Colan and Dawn Reeves

Lee Colan, a Leadership Coach and author, will talk about growing up in a household with both a Jewish and Christian parent. He will also discuss the impact that his children's Christian schooling had on him. Dawn Reeves grew up in a household with volatile and unstable parents. She will explain how that affected her own marriage, but how God healed her marriage and eventually led her to start a marriage ministry.

Earl Fitzsimmons and Ruben Torres

This program features Life and Business Development Coach, Ministry Founder and ordained pastor Earl Fitzsimmons, as well as worldwide evangelist, Ruben Torres. Earl will talk about how God delivered him from his longtime drug addiction and how he now gives back to treatment centers and recovery groups. Ruben will share about growing up poor, the son of a migrant worker. He will also tell his story about having an alcoholic dad, about being bullied as a child and about how he was miraculously healed after a horrific car accident.

Randy Rial

Randy Rial, the son of a pastor and founder of "Road to Redemption" ministries, will share how he overcame a thirty-year drug addition to cocaine and alcohol. He will give a transparent account of how drugs controlled his life.

Henri Haber

Henri Haber, the Vice-President of Philanthropy for Opportunity International, grew up in Israel. His parents were survivors of the Holocaust. He will tell their powerful story, as well as his story of how he came to believe that Jesus is the true Messiah.

Dr. Leon Moore and Craig Morgan

Dr. Leon Moore grew up during the days of segregation. He was bullied, he suffered from insecurity and depression, yet God delivered him from all of this and he now has his doctorate and is a Ministry Specialist in Church Revitalization with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. Dr. Moore shares his powerful story of how he overcome his rough start.

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