Anuroop Sebastian

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Love is blind”, but is it really? Our guest, Anuroop Sebastian, answers that question and many others, as we look at relationships from a Biblical perspective.

Heather Frieser

Have you ever dreamt that you were falling from a high place, only to wake up, relieved that it was just a dream? Heather Friesen knows that feeling, but in her case, it wasn’t a dream, but a horrifying reality. She shares the gripping story of how God miraculously saved her life.

Brad Newton and Taylor Longacre

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Laughter does good, like a medicine?” Though Brad Newton has walked through deep grief, God has allowed him to laugh again and in turn, bring that healing joy to others. AND Originally living a charmed life with her parents and grandparents, Taylor Cole Longacre was abruptly removed from that world one night, and placed into a women's shelter. But by the grace of God, Taylor was able to overcome painful obstacles and now enjoys a loving relationship with Jesus.

Christmas Show

Come celebrate Christmas with, A Time To Dream! Donna and Tiffany share some favorite holiday memories and beautiful music from their “Roaring Lambs” friends and volunteers.

Victor Torres

Victor Torres grew up in Brooklyn, NY, deeply involved in gang life and heavily addicted to drugs. Listen to his powerful story of how he was set free.

Ali Master

Originally from Pakistan, Ali Master shares his unlikely rise to success in America...from McDonald’s employee to partner at the prestigious, global firm, Ernst & Young.


Join us on “A Time To Dream” as we reflect on Thanksgiving through the eyes of our invaluable, “Roaring Lambs” volunteers: Mark Cragle, Sherry Ryan and Frank Ball.

Gene McGuire

Unjustly convicted and forced to live out a life sentence, Gene McGuire shares his powerful story of finding true freedom in the midst of his prison cell.

Punky Tolson

Despite a successful Hollywood career, Punky Tolson was yearning for something more. Amidst a gut-wrenching cry one night, of, “I give up!”, she finally found what her heart had been searching for.

Dr. John Tolson

“How in the world could God ever use an Uncle, who was an unbeliever, and a dictionary, to get me on the path He wanted me to go? But He did!” Author and Speaker, John Tolson, shares his remarkable story, of how God’s hand has been on his life, even before he knew Him.

Wendy Whiteman and Cherie Nichols

Having spent most of her life in the courtroom, attorney, Wendy Whiteman knows first-hand, how stressful life can be.  But through the power of God and trusting in His Word, she has experienced peace and contentment, amidst life’s trials. AND Can you imagine having endless, mystery pain, most of your life?  How would you keep going?  Our guest, Cherie Nichols, knows what it's like to live like that.  But through the power of God, and the encouragement of others, she has found hope and purpose for each new day.

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