Sandra Crawford Williamson

Sandra Crawford Williamson was once a CEO for an international company, but the events of 9-11-01 changed her life forever. She is a cancer survivor, a mother, wife, and now a professor at Dallas Baptist University. Join us on Monday at 8:00 CST and Thursday at Noon on the Fishbowl Radio Network (B Stream) as we interview Sandra a…read more

Brian McCollister and Jackie Shaw

Jonathan Degrenier

Interview with Ryan Fontenot

Ryan Fontenot is the leader of RAGE Ministries, (Reaching a Generation Endangered). He will speak about his work with RAGE and how he is reaching hundreds of thousands of youth for Christ, but will also share about how he overcame the loneliness that comes with leading a ministry.

Holly Berry

Holly Berry is a speaker and flutist. She will share how a friend led her to Christ and how that subsequent relationship with the Lord helped her get through difficult years with a bi-polar father as well as the loss of her two sisters.

Allen Clark and Linda Frost Clark

Jean-Ann Cooper and Jennifer Epperson

Donna and Lisa interview author Jean-Ann Cooper and radio media leader, Dr. Jennifer Epperson. Jean-Ann will share about her three failed marriages because of either her ex-husbands' abuse or addictions, but then will tell how through these heartaches she found the only One who can fill the void in her heart. Dr. Epperson will give a snapshot of her life, but will also share how a difficulty she experienced helped her to have empathy for the women she was broadcasting about.

Dr. Hormoz Shariat

Dr. Hormoz Shariat, who grew up in Iran, is now reaching millions of Iranians for Christ through his satellite television show, "Iran Alive." Dr. Shariat will share how he came to know Christ while working on his doctorate at USC, and will also tell about when and how he decided to be a media evangelist to his native Iran.

Morgan Boardman and Alexia Hamilton

The Chief Development Officer for MedSend, Morgan Boardman, shares how he grew up in a normal Christian family but later needed God's help to get him through the premature death of his sister and an unexpected divorce. Alexia Hamilton speaks about how she began a relationship with God after the sudden death of her ex-husband.

Carol Swain and J. Warner Wallace

Former Vanderbilt and Princeton Professor, Dr. Carol Swain, is a regular contributor to Fox and Friends, Hannity, Lou Dobbs Tonight and The Ingraham Angle. She is also an author of nine books. She will share her personal testimony and about her run for Mayor of Nashville. Former Cold-Case Detective, J. Warner Wallace, author, television host, and one of the leading apologists in the world will share his journey from being an atheist to a believer. He will provide some proof why he believes Christianity is for real.

Neil Leary and Wanda Fuster

This is a show that showcases the testimonies of Neil Leary and Dr. Wanda Fuster. Neil is the author of "Lost Boy Found: The Story of a Modern Day Lazarus." Neil will tell the story of how his childhood religion was filled with confusion and contradictions and how it eventually led to Atheism, and eventual drug and alcohol abuse through age 30. He will share about his dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ and about how God restored his life. Dr. Fuster, an Economics Professor, and author of "Political Ideology and Statesmanship During Times of Turmoil, will share about being betrayed while she was an expert on a national Spanish network, and how the Lord brought her through this trial. She will also give us her take on where the country is headed economically after our bout with COVID-19.

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