The Power of Oneness

Unity among believers was one of Jesus’ final prayer requests before he was crucified. Dr. Tony Evans explains how we can see that prayer answered in our lifetime. It’s a look at the amazing power of oneness.

The Cultural Christian

Prejudice takes practice, and Dr. Tony Evans says most of us have been getting plenty of it since we were kids. Un-learning it isn’t easy, no matter what your background or ethnicity, but you’ll learn how to do it in a lesson about putting Christ before culture.

Overcoming Discrimination Strongholds

Even Christians who believe we’re all equal under God can treat some people like they’re “more equal” than others. Dr. Tony Evans discusses how to overcome discrimination, and explain why fairness ought to begin within the family of God.

The Unified Church

Can one person make a difference? Absolutely! But nothing can beat a group of people with a common bond and a common goal. Dr. Tony Evans explores ways to become that kind of committed community. It's a look at the power of a united church.

Dreaming with the King

Just because we can't know the future doesn't mean we shouldn’t be looking and working toward it. Dr. Tony Evans talks about the importance of dreaming big, godly dreams about justice and equality.

The Reclaiming of Kingdom Stewardship

Dr. Tony Evans says that everything we have has been given to us by God to manage. But what happens when some of that “inventory” gets stolen? Join us as we find out who the culprit is and what we can do about it.

The Reclaiming of Kingdom Stewardship

Dr. Tony Evans says it’s never too late to win the spiritual battles in our lives, including the ones we thought we already lost. He takes a look at ways to deal Satan the defeats he deserves.

The Vocation of Kingdom Stewardship

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” Well, Dr. Tony Evans explains why the real key to satisfaction at work has more to do with your motivation than your mood.

The Freedom of Kingdom Stewardship

No matter how hard you work on a jigsaw puzzle, the picture will never be quite right if there are pieces missing. Dr. Tony Evans says the same is true with our financial picture so, he teaches us some biblical principles that’ll fill in the gaps. Proven steps toward financial freedom!

The Freedom of Kingdom Stewardship

When Peter tried to walk on water, Jesus had to lend him a hand to keep him from sinking. Well, Dr. Tony Evans explains how God does the same for believers who find themselves drowning in debt. It’s a biblical look at charting a course toward financial freedom.

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