Your Worship and Your Destiny

Worship is designed to be something we give to God, but Dr. Tony Evans says we get a lot out of it, too… including insight into our God-given destiny. It’s a look at how praise can light up your path.

Your Intersection and Your Destiny

Just when you think you’ve turned a corner in life, you come to another corner… and another and another. But, Dr. Tony Evans says it won’t always be that way and explains how you’ll know when you’ve reached the intersection with your destiny.

Your Experience and Your Destiny

We’ve all made good turns and bad turns on the road of life. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that, either way, God’s still in charge of where we wind up. Don’t miss this look at how the Lord uses our experience to direct us toward our destiny

Your Uniqueness and Your Destiny

People sometimes say, “when they made you, they broke the mold.” Dr. Tony Evans reminds us that there is no mold, that each of us is a “one-of-a-kind” creation of God. Learn more about the connection between your uniqueness and your destiny when you join us.

Overview of Destiny

God’s master plan is far bigger than any one of us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t play a unique, vital part in it. Dr. Tony Evans will help you find the perspective you need to get a clear view of your purpose on this planet.

Overview of Destiny

Too often, even those who believe we were created by God don’t realize that we were created by God for a reason. Next time on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans kicks off a series of messages that’ll help you discover your destiny and carry it out.

Serving Through Your Weakness

If you think you're not strong enough to serve God, great! Dr. Tony Evans explains why the number one qualification God is looking for is weakness. Find out where the real power to be a godly servant comes from.

The Mindset of a Servant

In order to act like a servant, you have to think like a servant. Dr. Tony Evans talks about the attitudes and ideals that can keep you focused on fulfilling your God-given purpose.

The Greatness of Servanthood

The highest calling a Christian can have is servanthood—even when the job description isn't all that attractive. Find out why, as Dr. Tony Evans talks about one of the most seemingly upside-down concepts in Christianity.

Maximizing Your Spiritual Uniqueness

Have you ever tried exchanging glasses with somebody whose eyesight was absolutely nothing like yours? Well, Dr. Tony Evans explains why your purpose is as unique as your prescription. Learn how to live out the Lord's plan for your life.

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