The Problem of Partiality

There’s a problem in our churches today that would be a much bigger concern if people were willing to admit it existed. Well, Dr. Tony Evans brings it right out into the open as he talks about what he calls “the problem partiality.”

The Purity of Religion

There’s more to being religious than doing religious things. Dr. Tony Evans digs into the difference and talks about the true motivation for good works. Discover how to show love for God by showing love to others when you join us!

The Purpose of Trials

Are the tough times in your life going to take you apart or put you back together better than ever? Dr. Tony Evans explains that, even in the midst of those hurtful circumstances, God promises there’s a point to your pain.

The Point of James

It can be really refreshing to talk to somebody who skips all the small talk, goes straight to the point and tells the truth. Well, Dr. Tony Evans says that describes the apostle James perfectly! Join him as he begins a series on the important concepts James’ letter teaches us.

Contentment as a Single

Some people think single is what you have to be before you get to be something else. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that real contentment begins when you understand who you already are, and why.

Contentment as a Single

The goal of advertising is to steal your sense of contentment by convincing that you need something, whether you actually do or not. Dr. Tony Evans explains that Satan uses the same strategy and talks to singles about how to recognize the lie and grab hold of the truth

Throwing a Red Flag Out on God

The Bible teaches that God works everything together for good. But Dr. Tony Evans says that it doesn’t always feel that way. In fact, sometimes it the exact opposite. So, what do we do when it feels like God has done us wrong?

Sanctified Sex

Society puts the idea of sexual purity somewhere between old-fashioned and impossible. But, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why God’s idea of “sanctified sex” still makes sense in our morally-confused culture.

Working for the Lord

If you’re single, you know it can be hard waiting for the Lord’s timing—especially if you feel a little “beat up” by loneliness and longing along the way. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that what may feel like a workover is more like a makeover. Find out more when you join him!

Fasting for a Mate

Sometimes, as singles get more eager to be married, they get more willing to compromise their standards. Next time on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans will talk about the danger of that decision and offer a time-tested biblical strategy for those who are serious about finding the right partner.

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