Victory in the Spirit

Dr. Tony Evans says that we’re all at one of three places in life: we're either being tested, just got through being tested, or about to be tested. He explains how to be ready to succeed when those times come by depending on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Filled with the Spirit

There's a lot in the Bible about the dangers of drunkenness. But, Dr. Tony Evans talks about one kind of "intoxication" that God actually endorses.

Walking in the Spirit

Dr. Tony Evans talks about what happens when God energizes us to live life by his power, including a look at why getting closer to the spirit moves us farther from the chaos we've been living in.

Cultivating a Spirit-Filled Mind

The more we really get to know someone, the more it seems like we're "getting into their head." Dr. Tony Evans explains that the more we get to know God, the more his spirit gets into our head. Don't miss this look at what it means to cultivate a “spiritual mind.”

The Motivation for Godliness

If salvation is free, what motivates believers to live godly lives? Dr. Tony Evans will tackle that Question as he talks about the importance of approaching life with a strong sense of contentment and an eternal perspective.

The Motivation for Godliness

We live in a culture where our economy is based on people wanting more. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains why that attitude may be good for business, but not for people, as he takes look at the connection between contentment and godliness.

The Means to Godliness

Most people start an exercise plan to lose weight and get their body in shape. Dr. Tony Evans explains that the Lord has a workout program for believers, too – one that gets us tuned up for peak performance and godly living. Find out how it works and what it takes to get enrolled when you join us!

The Mystery of Godliness

The world’s most delicious recipe can easily turn into the world’s worst dinner if you don’t use the right ingredients. Dr. Tony Evans explains why the Lord’s recipe for godliness works the same way. Find out what’s often missing from the mix when you join us.

The Meaning of Godliness

A student may hand in a first-rate book report, but the teacher probably won’t give any credit if the report is on the wrong book. Dr. Tony Evans explains why the same is true for believers who have their God-given assignments all mixed up. It’s a look at the importance of staying on task spiritually.

The Pardon of Prayer

God's forgiveness is a gift – one we literally can't live without. Dr. Tony Evans talks about the link between being forgiven and being forgiving. Discover the importance of checking your attitude before you pray for God's pardon.

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