Something About That Name

If you’re waiting on God for a breakthrough or a comeback, you’re in for some encouragement as Dr. Tony Evans looks at some names used to describe Jesus that are packed with promises. There are several, including one or more to meet any need – including yours.

Jesus the Great I Am

When Moses asked God what name he should use to describe who sent him, the answer was simply, “I Am.” Dr. Tony Evans explains why that simple answer really isn’t so simple at all as he talks about the incredible significance packed into it.

Lame Man Walking

Dr. Tony Evans tells the story of a lame beggar who got more help from Jesus than he expected. It's a look at why living like a spiritual cripple can be habit-forming and how we can find the strength to stand up and start walking by faith.

Jehovah Shalom: The Lord is Peace

When you take stock of what's going on in your life, Dr. Tony Evans says that your perception depends on your perspective. So, he explains how we can see life from a more peaceful point of view. This is a look at the benefits of adding focus to your faith.

Be Happy Don't Worry

We can’t control the future or even see the future, but that doesn’t stop us from worrying about it. Dr. Tony Evans will tell us how we can put a stop to that pointless and sinful habit. It’s a lesson about trading in worry for happiness.

Freedom From Anxiety

If God promised us peace, why are we still experiencing anxiety? Dr. Tony Evans says that the fact that we’re worried is a bigger problem than whatever we’re worried about. Join him as he explains…

Oh Yes, He Cares

When you’re stuck in one of life’s low points, it’s common to wonder if God is really watching out for you. Deep inside, you know the answer. But Dr. Tony Evans says that some added assurance never hurts. Join him for a generous dose!

Rules for Ruling Your World

God has promised us good things… including a life filled with purpose and the power we need to carry it out. Dr. Tony Evans explains how we can see that promise fulfilled—even if we feel trapped by past failures and fears.

The Key to Ruling Your World

Each of us is born with a God-given purpose. Dr. Tony Evans explains why that fact sets us free to put first things first as we rule our lives the way the Lord intended. Learn to tap into your power as a believer.

Calling: The Ministry of Spiritual Growth

Society's view of success usually boils down to a list of things we ought to have. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that spiritual success is becoming what God wants us to be. Learn how to discover your custom-made calling from the Lord.

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