Victory in Your Voice

There are some people who just seem to be able to talk their way out of any situation. Well, next time on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans explains how God can give the words we speak that same kind of power. It’s a look at how your circumstances can change when there’s “victory in your voice,”

Dynamite in Your Dentures

Somewhere between what we think and what we say, there’s supposed to be a filter that catches harmful words before they get out. In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans says that filter doesn’t always work the way God wants it to and offers biblical advice on how to make it more effective.

Bringing God Your Emptiness

You can fill your gas tank with water, but it’s not gonna get you anywhere. In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans says that people make crazy choices like that every day, trying to fill the empty places inside them. Find out more on why only God can fill you up so you stay filled and discover how that process works.

Concept of Faith

What is faith? How do you know you have it? How do you get it? Do you have enough? Is it an event or a lifestyle? Dr. Tony Evans answers these questions and more in today's edition of "The Urban Alternative".

A Crisis that Cries for Revival

Why does God allow difficulties in your life? Why may a crisis be the best thing that ever happened? Dr. Tony Evans shares why in this edition of "The Urban Alternative".

Begging for a Blessing

Blessings come from God. But not just from God. In this lesson, find out how you can claim your spiritual inheritance as Dr. Tony Evans touches on the importance of the blessings we pass on… and what to do if they were never passed on to us.

Sarah: The Power of Faith

For some of us, it takes all the faith we can muster to trust God to do something unlikely. Dr. Tony Evans will talk to us about what happens when the answer we need is downright impossible as we take a look at the power of faith.

Trusting God in a Storm

When we’re stuck in difficult circumstances, we call on God to get us out. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that, even if the storms of life are getting worse, we may already be right where God wants us.

Stop Blocking Your Miracle

A logical mind is a great thing to have… until we get the idea we can outthink God. Dr. Tony Evans talks about how we can sometimes be our own worst enemy when it comes to receiving the miracles God has planned for us. Discover the benefits of a little “upside-down thinking” when you join us.

Reversing Anxiety Consequences

Even though we know that worry does nothing but eat us up inside, sometimes we can’t seem to stop. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains how easily anxiety can turn into a trap, and spells out how that stronghold can be broken.

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