Why We Need Revival

If God seems far away, Dr. Tony Evans says that it may be because there’s not enough life in our spiritual life. So, he talks to us about what it takes to be “revived” and how our circumstances change when our relationship with God is restored.

Knowing God Together

The Christian life is like a classical concerto—it’s intended for an orchestra, not just a bunch of soloists. Dr. Tony Evans explains why that's the reason believers need to have more than just a "personal" relationship with the Lord. It’s a look at the importance of knowing God together.

Knowing God Together

Pieces of firewood burn much hotter when they burn together. Dr. Tony Evans explains that believers who want to be "on fire" for the Lord work the same way. It's a look at the relationship between our connection to other people and our connection to God.

Growing Your Knowledge of God

Dr. Tony Evans says that the knowledge of God isn't a set of facts that we learn; it's something that grows within us through experience. He shares some secrets about how to use that experience to keep going, even when our trials seem too tough to take.

Growing Your Knowledge of God

People think they can manage anything from their diet to their desires with enough self-control. Dr. Tony Evans explains why that's not enough to get the job done, as he talks about growing our knowledge of God.

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