God and Life

Many of the choices we’ll make in the upcoming election will affect how people live. But, Dr. Tony Evans says some decisions will determine whether people live. He takes a look at issues that transcend political perspectives or party affiliations. Get fresh insights on how Kingdom values should affect our vote.

God and Life

Some of the decisions we make at the polls seem like a question of left versus right, red versus blue, this party or that party. But, Dr. Tony Evans says the real choices on our ballot can literally be matters of life and death. Join him as he takes a bold, biblical stand on one of the most controversial moral issues of our time. It’s part of a look at “kingdom voting.”

God and Freedom

We celebrate independence in this country, but Dr. Tony Evans says that the kind of independence people tend to declare these days can destroy us. It's a sobering look at God's message to America.

God and Freedom

America offers its people the right to be free. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that when it comes to understanding what freedom really is, many of us have gotten our "rights" all wrong. Find out more in this look at how Christians should vote.

God and Government

Some say that the two subjects you're supposed to avoid in polite conversation are politics and religion. Well, Dr. Tony Evans plans to break both of those rules as he talks about principles Christians need to consider as we go to the polls—including some thoughts on how to tell good politicians from bad ones.

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