A Challenge to Greater Convictions

Witnesses view events from different angles, but even though their personal perspective may be relative, reality never is. Dr. Tony Evans teaches us how to resist the temptation to “go with the flow” as the world tries to redefine the reality of God’s word.

A Challenge to Greater Convictions

Dr. Tony Evans talks about what happens when churches (and individuals) treat truth like nothing more than a matter of opinion. Discover how you can develop more courage in your convictions when you join us!

A Challenge to Faithfulness

When life in Christ stops being easy, what happens to our faith? Dr. Tony Evans says that, unfortunately, it can go either way. He talks about why it’s more important than ever for Christ followers to be faithful and gives us some biblical advice on staying strong under stress.

A Challenge to Faithfulness

It’s not as easy to be a Christian in America as it used to be and Dr. Tony Evans says it’s likely to get harder. But, he explains why that makes commitment and faithfulness to Christ more important than ever—a challenge he’ll help you meet when you join us.

A Challenge to Prioritize Your Priorities

Dr. Tony Evans says that what we do with Jesus is even more important than we do for him. So, he explains why no amount of religious activity can make up for letting the world crowd out your love for Christ.

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