The Existence Of Angels

The Bible teaches us that angels are real, but not the kind of angels we see portrayed in movies and on TV. So, Dr. Tony Evans begins a series about these spiritual beings to help us understand their nature and the active role they play in our lives.

Tearing Down Community Strongholds

It looks like things will never change, so why bother trying to make a difference? Well, Dr. Tony Evans explains how Satan uses that attitude to keep your neighborhood under his control. Learn how to break out of isolation to be the salt and light your community needs.

Tearing Down Church Strongholds

Is there a connection between a church’s history and its health? Dr. Tony Evans answers that question as he talks about ways to keep Satan from “submarining” your congregation. It's a look at breaking down church strongholds.

Tearing Down Family Strongholds

Family problems are as old as the Garden of Eden. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains how Satan can use ordinary conflict among family members as a spiritual “weapon of mass destruction.” Learn how to keep the devil from getting a foothold in your family.

Tearing Down Personal Strongholds

Just like in sports, the enemy has scouts documenting your abilities and Dr. Tony Evans says the devil can’t wait to use what he knows to trip you up and tear you down. On The Alternative, learn how to shore up your personal weak spots and draw closer to God’s protection.

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