The Beauty of Brokenness

It’s a fact: a broken bone can heal even stronger than it was originally. Dr. Tony Evans says that’s true for the human spirit as well. Join us as he talks about the up side to falling down. It’s a look at the beauty of brokenness.

Authority of the Kingdom Agenda

The problem with living life by "trial and error" is that it winds up being mostly error. Well, if you're ready for something more dependable, join Dr. Tony Evans as he talks about the danger of believing the lie that we have everything it takes to figure out life on our own.

The Study of God

Most of us had to learn things in school we thought we’d never use in real life. Dr. Tony Evans will talk about a kind of study that’ll not only be useful but life-changing. Discover new ways to expand your spiritual understanding when you join us.

The Need for Spiritual Armor

If it feels like Satan has you backed into a corner, Dr. Tony Evans says you have things backwards. He explais who the real hostage ought to be as he talks about how to avoid getting distracted by the spiritual battles going on around us.

A Challenge Toward Authenticity

Dr. Tony Evans says that it’s pretty easy to spot a Christian who looks the part, but not as easy to spot one who lives the part – a believer who’s authentic through and through. You’ll discover how to become that kind of disciple as we explore Jesus’ challenge to be authentic.

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