Living in Light of Eternity

Our problems seem pretty big when we look at them up close. But from a distance? Not so much! Dr. Tony Evans tells us how a better perspective can change how we see… well, everything. Find out why the best way to live in the present is to focus on your future.

The Motivation for Ministry

Once we’re saved, we may have many different reasons for being part of the church. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that no matter what the reasons, there’s only one goal. Don’t miss this look at what motivates our ministry.

How to Understand a Thorn

Even if your life is "coming up roses," you'll get your share of thorns to go along with them. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that you get them for a reason, and talks about specific ways we can deal with the discomfort they cause while they're doing their God-appointed work.

How to Understand a Thorn

When life gets "thorny," many times our only instinct is to try to get things back to normal or comfortable. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that God has something bigger in mind. It's a look at what the thorns in our life can do besides hurt.

The Return of God to His People

When we’re stuck in difficult circumstances, we call on God to get us out. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that God may already have us right where he wants us, and explains what we should do while we wait for Jesus to join us in the conflict. It’s a look at how to overcome trials with trust.

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