The Perfecting of Faith

The question is as old as the Bible itself: if we’re saved by faith alone, what difference does it make what we do? Today on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans explains that it’s not an either/or choice as he turns to the book of James for a definitive answer.

Contentment as a Single

Some people think single is what you have to be before you get to be something else. But, today on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans says that real contentment begins when you understand who you already are, and why.

Emanuel - God is with You!

Today on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans will help you celebrate Christmas with an encouraging lesson about the powerful message behind one of the names used to describe Jesus. Learn more about what it means to have God with you.

The Power of Unbelief

We’ve all heard stories about the powerful things faith can accomplish. Today on "The Alternative", Dr. Tony Evans will explain why unbelief can be powerful, too, in some pretty disturbing ways. It’s a look at why “believing is seeing”.

Is There a Mountain in Your Life?

Most of us know that God has the power to deliver us. But when we’re caught in some difficult situation or circumstance, we sometimes wonder if he'll actually do it. Today on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans will talk about how we can develop the faith we need to feel confident.

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