The Responsibility of Kingdom Stewardship

The old saying goes, “what’s mine is mine.” But what if it isn’t? Dr. Tony Evans will tackle that question next time on The Alternative as he explores the idea that God made us managers, not owners.

The Meaning of Stewardship

Some of the best investment advice you may ever get is to not put too much stock in yourself. Next time on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why we get a much better return once we discover that the key to Christianity isn’t following rules, but building relationship.

The Meaning of Stewardship

We tell our children again and again to take care of the things we give them. Dr. Tony Evans explains why God expects the same of us… and why we often don't do much better than our kids.

Why God Allows Your Crisis

When our circumstances turn sour, we can't wait for them to change. That's only natural. But, Dr. Tony Evans talks about an unnatural way to think of a crisis… and the benefits it can bring to your relationship with the Lord.

Stop Blocking Your Miracle

A logical mind is a great thing to have… until we get the idea we can outthink the Lord. Dr. Tony Evans says that’s just one way we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to receiving the miracles God has planned for us. Find out why the solution depends on a little “upside-down thinking.”

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