The Program of Prayer

The Bible tells us to bring our requests to the Lord. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains why those requests ought to have more to do with God’s agenda than our own. Find out why you might be missing the whole point of prayer… and what you can do about it.

The Paternity of Prayer

Dr. Tony Evans says that when we pray to God, we need to remember who's listening! He looks to the Lord's Prayer for a lesson about how we can develop the same kind of intimacy Jesus had with the father when he prayed.

The Precautions of Prayer

Sometimes when we pray, we only think we're talking to God. Dr. Tony Evans says that's because we don't understand what prayer really is. Clear up the misconceptions and learn some precautions for prayer when you join us.

The Precautions of Prayer

Dr. Tony Evans says that an eloquent prayer might get people's attention, but it doesn't necessarily get the Lord’s. He talks about reasons why God doesn't always like what he hears in our prayers and offers some precautions we should keep in mind as we talk to God.

Encountering God's Miracles

Words like “impossible” don’t apply when God is part of the equation. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains why seeing miracles happen is, in some ways, up to us. It’s a look at the hidden benefits of helplessness.

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