Journey to Greatness

It’s impossible to follow someone if you’re dead set on staying where you are. Jonathan Evans explains how easily that attitude can develop when we let contentment turn into complacency. Learn more about staying faithful to God as he takes you on a journey toward greatness when you join us.

Embrace Wisdom for a Change

If you believe that common sense isn’t all that common these days, then wisdom has to be even more scarce. But you’ll get a generous dose of it as Jonathan Evans talks about how to apply godly wisdom to earthly circumstances and see the changes we been praying for.

Eternity in the Heart

You’ve heard people say, “life’s too short!” Well, that’s especially true for people who go to their grave without ever discovering why they were here to begin with. Jonathan Evans talks about why an eternal perspective will not only give you a sense of purpose, but peace and pleasure as well.

Now or Later

From the moment we’re born, all humans share a common tendency: we want what we want when we want it. But, Jonathan Evans will reveal how we jeopardize our future when we only reach for we want today. Find out what he means!

Understanding Kingdom Sexuality

Every day, it’s harder to maintain morality in the midst of our immoral society. But, Dr. Tony Evans has help for you as he talks about healthy sexuality from the kingdom perspective. Find out why the answer to sexual sin doesn’t start with what you do, but whose you are when you join us!

Becoming a Kingdom Single

If your number one goal as a single is to not be one anymore, Dr. Tony Evans has some advice for you that could help you find a new sense of meaning and a better path toward your purpose.

Becoming a Kingdom Wife

God has set up a "chain of command" for family life, and sometimes even talking about it can make women uncomfortable. But, Dr. Tony Evans talks about the purpose behind the plan and the difference it can make in your home. It’s a look at God's "kingdom agenda" for godly wives.

Becoming a Kingdom Husband

Nobody wants to submit to a leader who's lost. So, Dr. Tony Evans talks about how to become the kind of husband a wife will be eager to follow. Learn how you and your spouse can stop finding fault, and start finding answers when you join us!

Raising Kingdom Kids

More and more children are growing up without fathers in the home these days, and Dr. Tony Evans says that many of the social problems we’re experiencing can be traced back to that problem. He talks about what we can do to change direction!

The Divine Purpose of the Family

In an office, everybody's got a job description so they'll know what to do. Without them, chaos is just around the corner. Dr. Tony Evans explains why that's exactly what's happening in homes across the country. Find out what it’ll take to stop the epidemic of failed families.

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