The Detours of Pardon

When we think of hostages, we picture people being held at gunpoint or threatened in some other way. Dr. Tony Evans talks about the kind of hostage who could walk away at any time, but refuses to go. It’s a fresh look at the power of pardon.

How to Understand a Thorn

Even if your life is “coming up roses,” you'll get your share of thorns to go along with them. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that you get them for a reason, and talks about specific ways we can deal with the discomfort they cause while they're doing their God-appointed work.

How to Understand a Thorn

When life gets "thorny," many times our only instinct is to try to get things back to normal or comfortable. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that God has something bigger in mind. It's a look at what the thorns in our life can do besides hurt.

The Rule of God

If God made everything, did he also create evil? It’s a question people have been asking for centuries, but Dr. Tony Evans says it’s one that has a biblical answer. He explains how God blends both the bad and the good elements of our lives for our ultimate benefit.

The Rule of God

If God’s really in charge, how can he allow sin and suffering to exist? It’s a common question, and Dr. Tony Evans will address it as he talks about what qualifies the Lord to be the sovereign ruler of the universe and what happens when we fail to recognize his authority.

The Glory of God

People claim to see God’s glory in nature. Others see it when something supernatural happens. But, Dr. Tony Evans will help us learn to recognize God’s glory in places where we may have missed it. Be sure to join us for this look at the life-changing, jaw-dropping greatness of God.

The Wisdom of God

The Bible says that God is eager to give his people wisdom. So, why do so few of us take him up on that offer? Dr. Tony Evans talks about how God can help us leverage the knowledge we’ve gained and make better decisions. It’s part of his series on understanding the heart of God.

The Grace of God

Google maps won’t tell you this, but there’s no way to navigate from here to heaven without going through Jesus Christ. Dr. Tony Evans explains that grace is the road that gets us there. So, why are so many Christians trying to earn what God only wants to give away for free?

The Wrath of God

Talk about the wrath of God and many people conjure up images of fire and brimstone… basically what people used to call a “smiting.” Dr. Tony Evans explains that in reality, it looks very different… and very familiar. It’s a wake-up call for a culture that’s running away from God.

The Love of God

The word “love” gets used a lot—and it’s been associated with everything from fast food to fast cars! Although it is tied to feelings, Dr. Evans says love shines brightest when it’s put to work. He takes a look at the ways God demonstrates love – and the example He sets for us.

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