Help for the Helpless

Sometimes it feels like the answer to our problems is so close we can almost touch it. Almost…but not quite. Dr. Tony Evans explains that the Lord can extend our reach when we look to him for the right kind of help. Find out what he means when you join us.

Encouragement that Calms Fears

There’s a myth going around that spiritually-healthy Christians live on an emotional “even keel” 100% of the time. Well, Dr. Tony Evans dishes out a dose of reality as he talks about what to do when our feelings don’t measure up to our faith.

Maximizing Your Potential

You know what your salvation does for you. But what’s it doing for the kingdom? Dr. Tony Evans says that the Lord has packed each of us with potential, but it’s up to us to unpack it and put it to work. Find out more when you join us!

Reversing Addiction Consequences

Toxic relationships, alcohol, social media, gaming… these are only a few of the things people get addicted to these days. But, Dr. Tony Evans will explain that while people fall into all kinds of different traps, the spiritual issues that keep us stuck are often the same. Uncover the principles that can set you free.

God is Holding Out on You

In the Old Testament, people offered crops and sacrificed animals to make up for the things they’d done wrong. Dr. Tony Evans explains why the church gave up that practice and what replaced it. It's a look at what Jesus' sacrifice did for us – and keeps doing for us.

A Challenge to Overcome

In modern culture, the truth has been replaced by my truth or your truth. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains why the path to unity begins when we recognize the authority of God’s truth.

The Power of Praise

Dr. Tony Evans says that the coronavirus causes a variety of symptoms – but he talks about a particularly dangerous one that shows up in people who don’t even have the disease. Find out how to diagnose and treat it when you join us!

Praying and Waiting for God's Timing

Dr. Tony Evans says that it’s pretty easy to spot a Christian who looks the part, but not as easy to spot one who lives the part – a believer who’s authentic through and through. You’ll discover how to become that kind of disciple as we explore Jesus’ challenge to be authentic.

Why God Wants to Amaze You

We often picture prayer as something we do with our head bowed, our eyes closed, and our hands neatly folded. But, Dr. Tony Evans takes us to the Lord’s Prayer where Jesus paints a very different picture. Discover how prayer can become an experience that bubbles up inside you when you join us.

The Protection of Prayer

We often pray to God to help us get out of difficult situations or circumstances. But, Dr. Tony Evans talks about the kind of prayer that can help us avoid them altogether. It's a look at finding God's protection through prayer.

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