That I Might Know Him

Just making hunger pains go away and actually being nourished are two different things. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he explains why, in the same way, there’s no substitute for the satisfaction that comes from really knowing God.

Transformed in His Presence

People spend a lot of time and effort trying to improve themselves on the inside by changing their behavior on the outside. Dr. Tony Evans explains why exactly the opposite is true. It's a look at how living in the presence of God transforms us.

Transformed in His Presence

Salvation can’t be earned through good behavior. But that doesn’t mean that the two concepts aren’t related. Dr. Tony Evans explores the connection as he talks about how true Christianity starts on the inside and works its way outward.

Meet God Face to Face

Many people who pray secretly wonder if there's really anybody on the other end listening. Dr. Tony Evans explains how we can be sure. It's a look at developing an "up close and personal" relationship with the Lord.

Meet God Face to Face

From biblical times until today, people have longed for an “up close and personal” relationship with God. Dr. Tony Evans tells the story of a man who had exactly that... and how we can have it too.

How Bad Do You Want It?

If your faith doesn't seem as vibrant as you'd like it to be, Dr. Tony Evans says that your level of desire may make all the difference. Join him as he explains why our relationship with God will be exactly as deep as we really want it to be.

Testimony for the Ages

Many people want God to be more like their GPS, routing down around any trouble spots in the road ahead. But, Jonathan Evans tells us about the “up” side of down times and explains how the things that cause us to complain can ultimately give us cause to celebrate.

Life's Greatest Pursuit

We all want to be accepted “as we are.” Dr. Tony Evans Explains why the Lord expects nothing less. It’s a look at how knowing who God is can redefine you are.

Life's Greatest Pursuit

Knowing about God is one thing; really knowing him is something else. Dr. Tony Evans will explore the difference as he kicks off a series on the subject of really knowing God.

Something About That Name

If you’re waiting on God for a breakthrough or a comeback, you’re in for some encouragement as Dr. Tony Evans looks at some names used to describe Jesus that are packed with promises. There are several, including one or more to meet any need – including yours.

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