You Can Be Equal to God

No matter how talented, intelligent or independent you are, you’re no match for the one who created you. Dr. Tony Evans talks about how life reminds us of that fact, and what can happen if we forget it.

Sin Carries No Consequences

Speeding can get you a ticket. A felony could land you in jail. But, Dr. Tony Evans talks about the consequences of disobeying God’s laws and where the whole idea of grace fits in. Don’t miss this look at making the most important of life’s decisions correctly.

God's Word Cannot Be Trusted

Any soldier knows you can’t win a battle without the right equipment. And when the fight is spiritual, Dr. Tony Evans says you can’t do better than the sword of the Spirit!

God is Holding Out on You

A lot of people think that God’s offer to be close to us is too good to be true. Dr. Tony Evans exposes that lie and explains how hard Satan works to keep it alive. Learn how to recognize and reject the devil’s misinformation tactics when you tune in!

Satan Does Not Exist

A lot of Christians are under attack by an enemy they don’t even think is real. Dr. Tony Evans addresses that misconception in a new study he calls “The Six Lies of Satan.”

Help for the Helpless

Sometimes it feels like the answer to our problems is so close we can almost touch it. Almost…but not quite. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that the Lord can extend our reach when we look to him for the right kind of help. Find out what he means when you join us!

The Second Mile Matters

In school, at work—even at church—people often wonder, “What’s the absolute minimum I can do to get by?” But, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why “just enough” isn‘t enough as he talks about the kind of above-and-beyond attitude God wants his children to have. Find out why the “second mile” matters when you join us!

Maximizing Your Potential

You know what your salvation does for you. But, what’s it doing for the kingdom? Dr. Tony Evans says that the Lord has packed each of us with potential, but it’s up to us to unpack it and put it to work. Find out more when you join us!

Treasure for Troubled Times

Sometimes life gets so stormy that we wonder if we’re gonna make it through. But, Dr. Tony Evans will teach you how to find treasure in troubled times, even when things are at their worst.

Let It Work

As we try to find our way through life, sometimes it feels like were doing it in the dark. But, Dr. Tony Evans says when that happens, we just might stumble over hidden treasure God wants us to discover. Find out how to kickstart that process when you join us!

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