The Power of Prayer

All the electrical outlets in the world won’t do you any good if you never plug your appliances in. Well, next time on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans explains why that’s the very problem that keeps so many Christians “in the dark.” Find out why we tend to under-use or overlook our most valuable spiritual resource

The Practice of Patience

It’s easy to wait for some things, like maybe a root canal. But when life gets so hard that you wonder how you can make it for one more day, patience can be a problem. Well, next time on The Alternative, Dr. Evans offers some solutions taken from the book of James and talks about what can happen when our patience pays off

The Planning of Life

The old saying goes, “he who fails to plan, plans to fail.” But next time on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans explains that without the right kind of planning, you’re just as likely to run into disappointment – or worse. It’s a look at the danger of assuming we have enough insight and control to map out our own lives,

The Pursuit of God

The Declaration of Independence talks about the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But pursuing something is no guarantee you’ll find it. Next time on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans comments on how to make your pursuit of God more successful as he focuses on lessons from the book of James.

The Perspective of Wisdom

Wisdom is more than knowledge – it’s understanding how to apply what you know to real-life situations. Next time on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans will talk about where wisdom comes from and the new perspective we get once we find it.

The Perfecting of Faith

The question is as old as the Bible itself: if we’re saved by faith alone, what difference does it make what we do? Dr. Tony Evans explains that it’s not an either/or choice as he turns to the book of James for a definitive answer.

The Problem of Partiality

There’s a problem in our churches today that would be a much bigger concern if people were willing to admit it existed. Well, Dr. Tony Evans brings it right out into the open as he talks about what he calls “the problem partiality.”

The Purity of Religion

There’s more to being religious than doing religious things. Dr. Tony Evans digs into the difference and talks about the true motivation for good works. Discover how to show love for God by showing love to others when you join us!

The Purpose of Trials

Are the tough times in your life going to take you apart or put you back together better than ever? Dr. Tony Evans explains that, even in the midst of those hurtful circumstances, God promises there’s a point to your pain.

The Point of James

It can be really refreshing to talk to somebody who skips all the small talk, goes straight to the point and tells the truth. Well, Dr. Tony Evans says that describes the apostle James perfectly! Join him as he begins a series on the important concepts James’ letter teaches us.

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