Six Lies of Satan

No matter how talented, intelligent or independent you are, you’re no match for the one who created you. Dr. Tony Evans will talk about how life reminds us of that fact, and what can happen if we forget it.

Individual Message - Jonathan Evans

Over the last months, a lot has changed in the way we live our day-to-day lives. But, Jonathan Evans will remind us that the most important things of all haven’t changed. Don’t miss this look at why our goal is much bigger than surviving the crisis were in.

Six Lies of Satan

Any soldier knows you can’t win a battle without the right equipment. And when the fight is spiritual, Dr. Tony Evans says you can’t do better than the sword of the Spirit! Join us for some “swordsmanship training” with Dr. Tony Evans.

God is Holding Out on You

A lot of people think that God’s offer to be close to us is too good to be true. Dr. Tony Evans exposes that lie and explains how hard Satan works to keep it alive. Learn how to recognize and reject the devil’s misinformation tactics when you tune in.

Satan Does Not Exist

A lot of Christians are under attack by an enemy they don’t even think is real. Dr. Tony Evans will address that misconception in a study he calls “The Six Lies of Satan.”

Putting on the Armor

It may not look like God is doing much in your life right now, but Dr. Tony Evans explains that there's a lot more to “reality” than the part we can see. It's a look at the benefits of wearing the “whole armor of God.”

Putting on the Armor

If God already knows what's going on in our lives and knows what he plans to do about it, what's the point of prayer? Dr. Tony Evans has some surprising answers to that question as he talks about putting God's armor to work in our lives.

Sword of the Spirit

God's word isn't just powerful; it's precise. It can cut right through to the heart of the problem—even if the problem is our heart. Dr. Tony Evans talks about how God uses the “sword of the Spirit” to perform the spiritual surgery we need.

The Helmet of Salvation

If so many of God's blessings became ours when we accepted Christ, where have they been hiding? Dr. Tony Evans will have the answer next time on The Alternative as he takes a look at why salvation is much more than just a ticket to heaven.

The Shield of Faith

Spiritual attacks are inevitable in life; spiritual failures aren't. Dr. Tony Evans gives us a look at how to defend ourselves, even if we feel cornered.

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