Taking Covenants Seriously

A covenant is a promise… and then some. So, Dr. Tony Evans will explain how the way we understand and respond to God's contract with mankind determines how much power, provision and privilege we get to experience.

Taking Worship Seriously

If you ask newcomers leaving their first church service what “worship” is, many of them would tell you, “Oh, that's when we sing.” We find out why that’s only part of the story as Dr. Tony Evans talks about taking worship seriously.

Taking Elections Seriously

Long before we chose God, God chose us. But many of us don’t realize what an incredible concept that is. Dr. Tony Evans will explain it as he starts a brand-new series about taking God seriously.

Trials and Obedience

Even when everything looks hopeless and there seems to be no way out, it’s not and there is! Dr. Tony Evans explains why the fact that your situation is hopeless won’t even slow God down when the time is right for your deliverance. Learn more when you join us!

Trials and Obedience

You feel like you’re following God, you feel like you’re on the right path… and then everything goes south. Dr. Tony Evans knows that it’s easy to start asking, “where were you, God?” He’ll answer that question next time on The Alternative as he talks about the story of Lazarus and explains why there may still be life in circumstances and relationships we think are dead.

Trials and Trusting

Sometimes the distance between our prayer and God’s answer is a lot longer than we’d like. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that trust is the bridge that brings the two together. Learn to experience the confidence it takes to believe the Lord even when he keeps us waiting on purpose.

Trials and Trusting

When we’re stuck in difficult circumstances, we call on God to get us out. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that God may already have us right where he wants us, and explains what we should do while we wait for Jesus to join us in the conflict. It’s a look at how to overcome trials with trust.

Trials and Promises

Dr. Tony Evans says too many of us live our lives only as a “prayer request,” looking forward to what we hope God might do in the future. He explains how to be a living testimony to what God has done and continues to do as he takes a look at the amazing things that can happen when we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Trials and Promises

Dr. Tony Evans says that when life has given you more than you can take, take communion! He explains how this “divine intersection” connects you with the God’s covenant—a connection more powerful than any set of circumstances life can throw your way.

Trials and Faith

It often turns out that the times when we need God most are the times we trust him least. But, Dr. Tony Evans tells a story about a man who faced the toughest challenge any parent can imagine. Discover how to develop the kind of faith that can take you through trials.

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