Encountering the Power of God, Part 1

We expect God to be the one who gets us out of trouble, not the one who gets us into it. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will tell us why, sometimes, that’s exactly what happens. Don’t miss this look at encountering God in the midst of a crisis.

Divine Encounters, Part 2

People often say they’d believe in God if they could see him face to face. In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will tell us the story of one man who had a personal encounter with the Lord and points out lessons we can learn from his experience.

Divine Encounters, Part 1

People with a vibrant faith are often called “on-fire” Christians. In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans discusses what gets them lit and keeps them burning as he observes the nature of an up-close-and-personal relationship with the Lord.

Something About That Name, Part 2

Usually, the story of a person’s life isn’t told until they’ve lived it. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans tells us about a sort of “biography” of Jesus written long before he was even born.

Something About That Name

If you’re waiting on God for a breakthrough or a comeback, you’re in for some encouragement as Dr. Tony Evans looks at some names used to describe Jesus that are packed with promises. There are several, including one or more to meet any need – including yours.

Jesus the Great High Priest, Part 2

Lots of people can point you toward God. But Dr. Tony Evans says that only one person can connect you with him. Learn why as you gain some fresh insight into a familiar term you thought you understood.

Jesus the Great High Priest, Part 1

Mention the word “priest” and many people picture a man with a clerical collar or an ancient Jew offering sacrifices. But how many picture Jesus? Probably not as many. In this lesson, that’ll change as Dr. Tony Evans explores the deep meaning of Jesus’ role as our high priest.

Jesus the King

We love the idea of having a Savior, a rescuer, a friend in high places. But a ruler? Not so much. In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans reminds us that the “gentle shepherd” is also the King of Kings. It’s a look at why people often have problems when the conversation shifts from comfort to commands.

Jesus the Alpha and Omega, Part 2

Life brings us thousands of questions, but far fewer answers. In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans explains why all the answers you really need all rolled into one—Jesus, as he takes a look at why the Bible calls Him the “Alpha and Omega.”

Jesus the Alpha and Omega, Part 1

The Bible says that, being eternal, Jesus Christ has no beginning and no end. But it also says that Jesus is the beginning and the end. In this lesson, you’ll find out exactly what that means as Dr. Tony Evans explains why everything we need to know about God is found in Jesus Christ.

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