Preparing for Eternity

Dr. Tony Evans has some sure-fire investment advice that’ll pay dividends for the rest of your life… and far beyond. Guaranteed! Join him as he explains what we need to be doing today to prepare for eternity.

Pursuing Your Heavenly Citizenship

Dr. Tony Evans says that Christians, like soldiers, are citizens of heaven even though we’re “stationed” on earth. He talks about how to get the most out of our time “on assignment” by pressing forward in faith. Learn more when you join us!

The Heavenly Broadcast Network

Not everyone who says they “hear from God” actually does. But, Dr. Tony Evans will explain how the Lord really communicates with his people and how we can be tuned in when he does. Practical advice about filtering out the world’s interference and hearing the voice of the Spirit.

From Heaven to Earth

Keeping your mind on what you’re doing is usually a good idea. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains why we ought to be focusing our thoughts somewhere else as well. Join us to learn some important insight on what it means to be a “new creation” in Christ.

The Reassurance of a Heavenly Perspective

We can’t control the future or even see the future, but that doesn’t stop us from worrying about it. Well, Dr. Tony Evans says that’s a habit we can stop, and he tells us how to do it. It’s a look at practical, biblical ways to deal with the things that bring on anxiety.

How to Be Truly Rich

Lots of people daydream about how much easier life could be if they just had more money. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that affluence often causes more problems than it solves.

Changing Vanity into Victory

Imagine having everything, only to find out it amounted to nothing. Well, Dr. Tony Evans will tell us about the Bible’s antidote for emptiness and explain why life can never be full until it’s filled with the Lord.

Loving the Wrong World

You’d think that love could never be a bad thing, Dr. Tony. Evans says that it can… if you put too much of it in the wrong place. Join us for some Biblical advice about the danger of getting too attached to temporary things.

Living in Light of Eternity

Our problems seem pretty big when we look at them up close. But from a distance? Not so much! Dr. Tony Evans tells us how a better perspective can change how we see… well, everything. Find out why the best way to live in the present is to focus on your future.

The Motivation for Ministry

Once we’re saved, we may have many different reasons for being part of the church. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that no matter what the reasons, there’s only one goal. Don’t miss this look at what motivates our ministry.

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