Clarifying Your Mission

Once we accept Christ, we're not the same. Sure, some things change on the outside, but the big changes happen on the inside. Dr. Tony Evans will talk to us about the biggest change of all. It's a look at the process God uses to make us "new creations in Christ."

Evangelism: The Responsibility of Salvation

Did God choose us or did we choose God? Confusing as it may seem, but the answer is, "yes!" Dr. Tony Evans takes a look at the spiritual concept of "election" which, in this case, doesn't get you into office; it gets you into heaven. It's a complicated issue, but it'll make sense when you join us.

Glorification: The Completion of Salvation

We typically think of our salvation as a gift… not something that can be bought. But the truth is, it was bought. Dr. Tony Evans talks to us about the price as he digs into the meaning of the word "atonement."

Sanctification: The Process of Salvation

Salvation not only changes our relationship with God. Dr. Tony Evans says it's meant to change our relationships with other people as well. He explains how Jesus' sacrifice did more than just reconnect us to the Lord… and what we need to do as a result.

Grace: The Gift of Salvation

Through Christ, God has already solved the sin problem for each and every human being. So why are so many people on their way to a Christless eternity? Dr. Tony Evans digs into that issue on The Alternative as he unpacks the meaning behind an important biblical term.

Redemption: The Payment for Salvation

Jesus bought our freedom from slavery at a very high price. It's what the Bible calls being "redeemed." Dr. Tony Evans tells us five things about redemption that’ll help us understand and appreciate the sacrifice that saved us. Find out why there’s no such thing as a “do-it-yourself” solution for sin when you join us.

Justification: The Verdict of Salvation

The Bible makes it crystal clear that the consequence of sin is death. But God can save us from that sentence. Dr. Tony Evans explains how the process works. Find out why faith makes God look at us in a completely different way.

Sin: The Need for Salvation

The Bible teaches that humanity is terminally ill, poisoned by sin. Dr. Tony Evans explain why, even though the antidote is free, many people resist taking it. It’s a look at what happens when we refuse to let God satisfy our need for salvation.

Sin: The Need for Salvation

There are thousands and thousands of self-help books on the market, each one claiming to show you how to accomplish your goal or solve a problem on your own. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that sin is a problem that only one book can help you solve. Join him as he starts a series called “Our Great Salvation.”

A Solemn Assembly for Revival

Have you ever tried to get your point across to someone who simply wasn’t paying attention? Dr. Tony Evans talks about how God deals with that problem when he wants to communicate with us, and reveals what we’ll hear when we finally start listening.

The Hindrance of Revival

Before you talk about the conditions that lead to spiritual revival, Dr. Tony Evans says that you need to take a look at the biggest thing standing in its way. Join him on The Alternative as he does exactly that.

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