The Importance of Calling

Self-help books are full of strategies that claim they’ll bring you success. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that real success only comes from following your custom-made calling from God. Learn more about the only way to find the satisfaction we all long for.

The Concept of Calling

If each one of us was custom-created to fit into God’s design for our world, why don't more of us feel the sense of fulfillment that truth ought to give us? Dr. Tony Evans will answer that question next time on The Alternative as he talks about how to discover your unique purpose on this planet.

Free to Choose

When God gave us the freedom to choose, it came with the freedom to choose wrong. Dr. Tony Evans explains why so many of us are intent on doing just that, and he will talk about some of the consequences in store when we do.

Free to Choose

Freedom of choice is a gift of God and it’s a wonderful thing! But Dr. Tony Evans says it has a tendency to backfire on us when we don’t use it properly. He talks about the trouble we get into when we cling to our rights and use them all wrong.

Understanding the Passive Wrath of God

If we insist on living our lives independently of God, he won’t stop us. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains why that decision will rob you of the freedom you were looking for the first place.

Understanding the Passive Wrath of God

When people think of the “wrath of God,” all kinds of traumas and tragedies come to mind. But,Dr. Tony Evans points out that God has another kind of wrath that’s not quite as obvious, but every bit as devastating.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

It’s one of the most basic concepts of Christianity – a proven principle any farmer could teach you. Even so, Dr. Tony Evans explains why so many of us miss the connection between what we plant and what we harvest – both spiritually and physically.

Sin's Death Trap

The deadliest, most effective traps are the ones that look harmless. Dr. Tony Evans says that’s exactly the way sin works and he explains how to avoid becoming a victim.

The Strategy of Satan

Con artists use distraction and other tricks to keep people from figuring out what they're doing. Dr. Tony Evans explains that when you’re fighting the ultimate con artist – Satan – your best defense is a clear picture of what’s really going on. Uncover the strategies the devil uses to derail us when you!

Why Sin Matters

Every parent tries to teach their children that choices have consequences; our heavenly father is no different. Dr. Tony Evans will take us to the book of Genesis to talk about some consequences of disobeying God that many people never see coming.

Why Sin Matters

Speeding can get you a ticket. A felony could land you in jail. Dr. Tony Evans talks about the consequences of disobeying God’s laws and explains why we need to take the concept of sin more seriously.

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