Adonai: The Owner of All

Many people want God as their friend… but as their owner? Not so much… especially in our individualistic, "me-first" culture. Dr. Tony Evans explains why the right kind of slavery is our only ticket to true freedom.

Jehovah: The Self Revealing One

God could have spent all of history hiding out in heaven, never even giving us a glimpse of who he is. Bu, Dr. Tony Evans talks about how the Lord openly reveals himself in unmistakable ways.

Elohim: The All Powerful Creator

Find an incredibly resourceful person on earth, and you might say they can do something with anything. Dr. Tony Evans explains how God can do anything with nothing… starting with the creation of the universe. Learn what it takes to see God's power work in your life.

How Majestic is Thy Name

We have first names, last names, nicknames, stage names, screen names… but they're all just ways to identify ourselves. Dr. Tony Evans explains why God's many names in the Bible have far more meaning… and power.

The Agony of Hell

There are only two options waiting for us when we die, and Dr. Tony Evans gives us a biblical description of the one nobody wants to talk about. Join him as he takes a sobering look at what hell is and isn’t – and explains why people have to make a deliberate choice to wind up there.

The Glory of Heaven

When something in life is really good, some people call it “heavenly.” But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that nothing here can even hope to compare with what’s waiting for us there. Find out why when you join us!

What Happens When We Die

Some people say life's too short to be "religious.” But, Dr. Tony Evans explains why eternity's too long not to be as he takes a look at what happens when we Die.

The White Throne Judgement

Cartoonists, moviemakers, even Facebook friends… it seems like everybody has an idea of what judgment day will look like. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains what the Bible says people can expect when they face the “great white throne.” Don’t miss this look at how to prepare for the most pivotal moment in any human life.

The White Throne Judgement

Many people think that by becoming Christians, we escape judgment. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that we'll all stand before the great white throne. We'll just have very different experiences when we get there. Discover what makes that difference when you join us.

The Millennial Kingdom

It’s common practice for movies and TV series to show previews of coming attractions. Dr. Tony Evans says God has done the same for us in the Bible, giving us a taste of what’s coming up between now and eternity. Be sure to join him as he talks about humankind’s longing for a perfect world… and what’s kept us from living there so far.

The Millennial Kingdom

Presidents are elected for four years, and that sometimes seems too long. Dr. Tony Evans talks about a 1000-year “term of office” that's just a sweet taste of more to come as he explores what the Bible has to say about the “millennial kingdom.”

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