Idol - Culture

God gave us clear boundaries in life, but people keep moving the lines and smudging the edges. Dr. Tony Evans explores the importance of taking our cues from God – and not from culture. Learn how to make a stand for your faith when you join us!

Idol - Greed

Imagine waking up one day to discover that dollars were no longer accepted. The cash in your pocket would be worthless; your bank balance just a meaningless number. Well, Dr. Tony Evans will tell us why that’s pretty much our reality as he explains what makes us truly rich in God’s economy.

Idol - Greed

If someone asks you to choose between God and money, it isn't hard to come up with the right answer. But "possession obsession" is a real problem, and Dr. Tony Evans will why it’s so important to loosen your grip on the "stuff" that can easily take over your life.

Idol – Technology

Your smartphone can connect you to the world, but only your faith can connect you to God. Is there room in our life for both? Dr. Tony Evans will have the answer as he talks about how to keep our fascination with technology from turning into idol worship. Learn to find a healthier balance when you join us!

Idol – Technology

Since God created us in his image, it makes sense that we have the capacity to be creative too. But, Dr. Tony Evans warns us about the hidden threat in the shiny new things we build. It’s a look at a seldom-discussed danger inherent in modern technology.

Idol – Pleasure

“Just do it” – a simple slogan that often drives impulsive decisions far more important than buying a pair of shoes. Dr. Tony Evans reveals the hidden costs of pursuing pleasure without considering the consequences.

Idol – Pleasure

The Declaration of Independence talks about the right to pursue happiness. But, the Bible tells us that the only way to really find it is to pursue something else instead. Dr. Tony Evans talks about the hidden price of the hunt for happiness.

Idol – Identity

It takes a panel of experts to nail down the definitions in a dictionary. But Dr. Tony Evans says that defining who we are and what we’re worth is a job God never delegates to anyone… including us. So, why are we so inclined to listen to other voices… and how can we stop? Find out when you join us.

Idol – Eyes

Admiration is one thing; idolatry is another. But where do we draw the line between the two and how can we tell if we’ve crossed it? Those are the questions Dr. Tony Evans answers as he talks about the unintended consequences of giving anything or anyone the kind of attention only God deserves.

Idol – Eyes

From a golden idol in a pagan temple to a Hollywood celebrity – Dr. Tony Evans says idols come in all shapes and sizes. He gives us some surprising examples as he begins a brand-new series called American Idols. Be sure to join him.

The Hindrance of Revival

Before you talk about the conditions that lead to spiritual revival, Dr. Tony Evans says that you need to take a look at the biggest thing standing in its way. Join him as he does exactly that.

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