Holy Boldness

If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Do your neighbors know you are a Christian? How can you share your faith in Jesus? Dr. Adrian Rogers shares how to have boldness as a believer, so listen to this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

The Amazing First Century Church

Do you have the feeling that God is giving the church one last mighty urge for the revival of all revivals before end comes? Why does Dr. Adrian Rogers share this feeling on this episode of "Love Worth Finding"?

The Principles of Prayer

Is your head down between your knees? What is the mandate, the methods and the message Christians have? Dr. Adrian Rogers shares the answers in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

Making Jesus Known

What are 3 things you need to do or know in order to share Jesus with others? What is the difference between "faith in Jesus" and "faith of Jesus"? Dr. Adrian Rogers shares these in today's edition of "Love Worth Finding".

The Battle for Your Mind

Have you realized yet that your mind is a battlefield? Who are the combatants? How can you win this vicious battle? In this edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers shares 3 things on this war to help you win.

The Devices of the Devil

Dr. Adrian Rogers wishes to sound the alarm concerning the attacks of the enemy on you. If he is right, you are in trouble. Who is this enemy and what has this enemy done to do you in? Listen to this episode of "Love Worth Finding" to learn more.

The Sin of Omission

Are you aware of the sin of omission? What is it? How do you avoid committing this sin? In today's edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers explains this devious sin.

How to Control Your Thought Life

You might know that smoking may be hazardous to your health, but how aware are you that so can your thoughts? What can you do about it? In this edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers gives guidance in what you can do.

How to Have Mastery Over Your Mind

Have considered that even though you can read this you may really be blind? How so? Dr. Adrian Rogers explains how in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

Developing a Positive Self Image

Is Christianity behavior modification? How can you develop a positive self image? Dr. Adrian Rogers answers these questions and more in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

Knowing the Ways of God

Which would you rather know: God's works or God's ways? Which will help you have peace in a troubled world? Dr. Adrian Rogers brings understanding in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

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