How to Keep Your Spiritual Fire Burning

How do you measure your level of Spiritual fervor? How can you increase it?


Did you know you have need of patience? Did you know the Bible says you do?

The Problem of Unworthy Authorities

Tough times! Ever have them? How do you cope with them? What can you do to better cope with them? What help is there? In today's edition, Dr. Rogers share what you can do to better cope going against the tide of culture.

How to Cultivate a Marriage

How should Kingdom Authority play out in the home? What are the husbands three major responsibilities in the home?

How to Behave in a Cave

King David is known as a mighty warrior. What was David's greatest victory? Dr. Rogers shares a perspective in today's edition which may surprise you.

The Authority of the Holy Spirit

Is your church a force or a farce? What about you? If you claim to be a believer in Jesus, is your walk a force or a farce?

Timeless Truths for Tough Times

How can you live in this life with authority?

Lordship of Christ

God wants you to live with Kingdom Authority if you are a believer in Jesus being Lord.

The Warfare of Prayer

What was Jesus' purpose in sending out the 72 in the countryside? Dr. Rogers shares three main points concerning Spiritual warfare in today's edition of Love Worth Finding.

Strength Through Authority

What does it mean to be a man under authority? What difference does it make who is that authority?

Kingdom Authority

What could be so life impacting if you were to have an accurate understanding of "Kingdom Authority"? What could possibly have Dr. Rogers so enthusiatic about this edition of Love Worth Finding?

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