Lessons From a Dysfunctional Family

How does a failure as a father become a teacher of faith? Isaac was a terrible father. Dr. Adrian Rogers shares how in this episode of "Love Worth Finding".

A Dress Rehearsal for Calvary

Why would a loving God tell a man to sacrifice the man's own son? How would you have responded? How did Abraham respond? Did you know that the gospel was preached to Abraham? Listen to Dr. Adrian Rogers teaching on "Love Worth Finding".

The Testing of Your Faith

Did you know that a faith which has not be tested can't be trusted? How would you have responded to a similar situation in which Abraham found himself? What is God after when He allows trials to come our way. Listen to this edition of "Love Worth Finding" in order to hear the answers by Dr. Adrian Rogers.

Six Principles to Fortify Faith

Why would Abraham be the "Dean of the School of Faith" as described by Dr. Adrian Rogers in this edition of "Love Worth Finding"?

Captain Noah and His Unsinkable Faith

What is the state of your faith? Why would Noah build an ark when he had never seen rain nor lived near major water? In this edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr Adrian Rogers gives direction toward having an unsinkable faith.

Learning to Walk with God

Who was Enoch? How did he live and how did he die? What can we learn from a study of Enoch short life of 365 years? Dr. Adrian Rogers teaches from Enoch's life in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

The Blood Makes a Difference

Charlie Fisher was a unique man whom Dr. Adrian Rogers speaks of in this edition of "Love Worth Finding". How does this tie in to a study of "Abel"? Listen and find out for yourself.

The Only Way to Live

Who are your heroes? Dr. Adrian Rogers has some excellent suggestions for you as to whom you should add to your list. Listen to this episode of "Love Worth Finding" and start adding people of faith.

Let's Talk About God

What do you understand about God? How does that compare to what the Bible tells of God? Dr. Adrian Rogers shares from scripture who God is in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

What's Wrong with Animal Rights?

What does it mean for man to have been created in the image of God? Is man just a clever animal? Is there any intrinsic difference between man and animal? Dr. Adrian Rogers has answers to these questions in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

How to Have a True Foundation

Can you prove that God exists? What four thoughts about God does Dr. Adrian Rogers pull out of Genesis 1:1 which help you understand how to confront false worldviews? Listen to this edition of "Love Worth Finding" to gain the insights he shares.

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