What makes a missionary?

From the world’s perspective, the ROGET Thesaurus lists synonyms for missionary as ‘Holy Joe’, ‘Bible Beater’ and ‘Glory-roader’. Could it be that the general perception of a missionary might be incorrect?

What makes a missionary? – Part 2

"The story is told of a young man who approached the conference speaker and said, “I’ve never felt any compelling call to give my life for missionary service”, to which the speaker replied, . . . "

Is your heart a home for Jesus? Transferring the title

"I could see His face light up as He replied, “I’d love to! This is exactly what I came to do."

Is your heart a home for Jesus? The Living Room

"under the pressure of many responsibilities, little by little, this time began to be shortened. Why, I’m not sure. Somehow I assumed I was just too busy to give special, regular time to be with Christ. This was not a deliberate decision, you understand; it just seemed to happen that way. Eventually, . . ."

Is your heart a home for Jesus? The Hall Closet

"There’s one more matter of critical consequence I would like to share with you. Once day I found Him waiting for me at the front door. An arresting look was in His eye. As I entered, He said to me, . . ."

Is your heart a home for Jesus? The Rec Room

"That evening I spent some miserable hours. I felt rotten! What kind of a friend was I to Jesus? Deliberately leaving him out of part of my life, doing things and going places that I knew very well He would not enjoy?"

Is your heart a home for Jesus? The Work Room

"Our job as a Believer is to Glorify God. Pray for God to use you and look for opportunities to serve – even in areas that are unfamiliar to you."

Is your heart a home for Jesus? The Dining Room

Is your heart a home for Jesus?

When you think of the word ‘home’ what comes to mind?


"Jesus gives us faith to believe as He is the author of faith, but it is our job to work diligently to add these qualities through the help of the Holy Spirit God has placed inside us." Which qualities?


"In the secular arena, ambassadors represent the leader of their country in an official capacity in communities and foreign nations. They are charged with protecting and promoting national interests, maintaining diplomacy, organizing visits, welcoming visitors, and supporting resolutions. Now let’s liken that to the spiritual realm."

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